Havanese Puppies in Colorado: The 6 Best Breeders
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Havanese puppies in Colorado

A Havanese puppy is a bouncy and energetic pet that enjoys playing with its family and experiencing new adventures. It is a small, fluffy, and absolutely stunning creature. Although they thrive in a family setting, they are also quite a sweetheart for retired people. The love they have for one another is immeasurable and gentle. An enthusiastic Havanese can replace boredom with excitement and entertainment. You, too, can adopt healthy and happy Havanese puppies in Colorado. Look after our suggestions.

Havanese puppies for sale in Colorado Springs

Look no further if you are seeking Havanese puppies for sale in Colorado, you have stopped at the right place! There is no doubt that the breeders we have chosen for you will provide you with beautiful, healthy, sweet, and beautiful Havanese puppies. Here scroll down to select the ideal breeder from this wide array of choices.

1. Cottonwood Havanese


  • Owner: Beckie Korthuis
  • Location: Delta, Colorado
  • Phone: 970-874-9672
  • E-Mail: cottonwoodfarm@aol.com
  • Website: http://cottonwoodpuppies.com 

The Cottonwood Havanese is situated on Colorado’s western slope and has successfully raised healthy Havanese since 2000. Their prime goal is to offer families an excellent companions for years to come by providing quality puppies. Their main concern is to keep the puppies healthy by nurturing them with the best.

  • Family-oriented Havanese dogs are available 
  • The dams and sires of the breeding have excellent qualities without any genetic issues 

You can reach them as they would be glad to get in touch with you when a litter is available

2. Petcity


Petcity is our second choice. Petcity’s 40 years of exclusive experience ensure you and your family can always find the healthiest, friendliest, and best quality Havanese puppies. The puppies are handpicked from the nation’s most trusted and reputed breeders. 

  • They have knowledgeable and caring employees in their stores who care for the puppies 
  • You will find the largest and most diverse selection of puppies at Petcity 
  • You can expect Purebreds, mixed breeds, floppy ears, and loving, cuddly, playful, and energetic Havanese puppies.

You should keep in mind that purchasing your new puppy is just the beginning. If you have questions or concerns, Petcity’s consultants and experts are available 7 days a week to assist you.

3. Colorado Puppy Rescue


  • Location: 10021 EIliff Ave Aurora, Colorado 80247
  • Website: www.coloradopuppy.org/
  • E-Mail:  info@coloradopuppy.org

Our third choice Colorado Puppy Rescue, CPR, is one of the excellent places in this city to adopt Havanese puppies. Colorado Puppy Rescue is famously known for rescuing puppies from rural shelters in Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma.

Moreover, they also help find new forever homes for these puppies in addition to saving and rehoming them. Colorado puppy rescue offers a simplified adoption process for adults 21 years of age and older. Over 16000 puppies have been rescued and re-homed by its organization since its founding in 2005

  • To begin the adoption process, you must fill out the online adoption application form, and within 24 hours of submitting the application form, you will receive a response. 
  • You might rely on the dogs that Colorado Puppy Rescue offers as they are age-appropriate and given up-to-date vaccinations and other medical treatments. 
  • They neuter/spray all of their dogs, and they do not adopt any dogs for breeding purposes.

4. Aspen Meadows Havanese 


Aspen Meadows Havanese is one of the top and best breeders in Colorado. Their website doesn’t provide much information; however, we have shared the link so you can directly connect with the owner regarding the details. It is recommended to learn more about Lisa is to contact her directly. She is the owner of this organization which is situated in Georgetown, Colorado.

  • Her goal is to raise healthy, adorable, and happy Havanese puppies. 
  • Each dog lives in the home and is treated like a member of the family
  • All litters of puppies are included here. 
  • Their litters may occasionally be spaced apart because they breed just for fun. 

Feel free to contact Lisa with any concerns and questions you may have. She understands as one of the most critical aspects of Puppy ownership is that all puppies are covered by a guarantee of good health.

5. Wildflower Havanese


The next breed to check out is Wildflower Havanese since 2003. The company has been operating as a family-owned business. The reason why we strongly recommend for choosing Wildflower Havanese is they have been working with Havanese exclusively for many years, and they are well-versed in their work. 

  • The puppies the owner raises are one of the highest qualities and will make happy and healthy pets for the new families. 
  • Before they come to you, the puppies are raised as part of the family and socialized in a loving and caring environment. 
  • Moreover, some of her dogs that have been shown are AKC registered. 
  • In addition, to be in versatile, her dogs can also be used as therapy dogs and service dogs.

So you do not have to think twice before choosing them. It is evident from her website that she is passionate about the breed, so head to the website to know more about their Havanese puppies and other information about the dogs.

6. Havanese Farm Home


With 12 years of breeding experience, Havanese Farm Home has become a specialist in this industry. As you might expect from an in-home breeder, these dogs are raised like other family pets. Check out their testimonials, and you’ll see a lot of positive feedback. Just recently, they began delivering puppies.

Currently, their puppies are available all over the country. Like their parents, the puppies live in the home with their family.

On the other hand, only a limited number of litters is available every year, so you may have to wait on a waiting list. Owners begin basic training with their dogs to get as much interaction with them as possible before delivering them to you.


The Havanese breed has gained popularity due to its integrity and loving nature. Besides being beautiful show dogs, they are also excellent pets and service dogs. Hopefully, one of these top picks will help you find the suitable Havanese puppies in Colorado breeder for you!

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