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When deciding between a Cavapoo and a Havapoo, future pet owners face a delightful dilemma. Both breeds, with their havanese and cavalier backgrounds, bring joy and companionship to households. However, each requires regular grooming to keep them healthy and comfortable, highlighting the importance of grooming and maintenance in their care. Prospective owners should also be aware of health concerns like Addison’s disease, which can affect these breeds.

Choosing the right breed involves more than just preference for looks or size.

Exploring the Origins

The Cavapoo and Havapoo, both hybrid breeds, have won hearts across the United States with their affectionate nature and adorable looks. As mixed breed dogs, they combine the best traits of their parent breeds, resulting in designer dogs known for their friendly disposition. Originating as part of a trend towards creating dogs with the lovable qualities of two different purebreds, cavapoos and havapoos have rapidly gained popularity among dog lovers looking for affectionate family pets.

The Havapoo, a blend of Havanese and Poodle genetics, emerged as one of the celebrated hybrid breeds. This designer dog was created to carry the affectionate nature of both parent breeds, offering a friendly and sociable companion. In the United States, havapoos quickly captured the hearts of many, becoming a favored choice for those seeking a loving pet with the hypoallergenic coat of the poodle. Their emergence reflects the growing trend of designing dogs that combine the desirable traits of their parent breeds.

The Cavapoo’s Journey to Popularity

The Cavapoo’s rise to fame can be attributed to its affectionate nature and status as one of the most adorable doodle breeds. A cross between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle, this hybrid breed offers the best of both worlds: the gentle disposition of the Cavalier and the intelligence of the Poodle. Thanks to their family-friendly nature and manageable grooming requirements, Cavapoos have become a top choice for individuals and families looking for a furry companion.

Delving Into Breed Overviews

Both the Cavapoo and Havapoo are hybrid breeds, each a cross between a Havanese and a King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle, respectively. These combinations result in pets that carry the best traits of their parent breeds, from their looks to their temperaments. This mix aims to create a perfect family companion, blending the intelligence and hypoallergenic coat of the poodle with the friendly nature of the cavalier and Havanese.

Cavapoo Overview

The Cavapoo is a charming cross between a King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle. This blend aims to combine the gentle, affectionate nature of the Spaniel with the intelligence and hypoallergenic coat of the Poodle, creating a perfect companion for families and individuals alike.


Cavapoos thrive on human companionship, showcasing an affectionate nature that makes them ideal family pets. Their personality traits are a mix of their parent breeds, leading to dogs that are intelligent and eager to please. They excel in obedience and agility thanks to their poodle genetics, while their cavalier side brings a gentle and affectionate demeanor. Cavapoos are typically more energetic than their Havapoo counterparts, making them wonderful companions for active individuals or families.

Trainability and Intelligence

The intelligence inherited from their poodle parents makes Cavapoos highly trainable. They pick up on potty training, commands, and tricks with ease, thanks to effective training methods that capitalize on their eagerness to learn. This breed’s poodle genetics not only contribute to their smarts but also to their ability to engage in a variety of activities, making training both a fun and rewarding experience.

Havapoo Overview

The Havapoo, a delightful mix of Havanese and miniature Poodle, captures the hearts of many with its affectionate demeanor and adaptability. This breed inherits the best traits from both parents, making it a cherished companion for families and individuals.


Like Cavapoos, Havapoo dogs cherish human companionship and display an affectionate nature that endears them to their families. They are intelligent, eager to please, and excel in obedience and agility, reflecting the influence of their poodle heritage. However, Havapoos tend to be gentle and affectionate, with a slightly more laid-back energy level than Cavapoos, making them excellent companions for a variety of households.

Training Capabilities

Havapoos benefit from regular mental stimulation and enjoy moderate exercise through daily walks and outdoor activities. Their training is enhanced by methods that incorporate games like fetch, which cater to their need for both physical activity and mental engagement. Obedience training from an early age ensures that Havapoos grow into well-behaved family companions, capable of participating in a wide range of activities.

Physical Attributes and Maintenance

The physical attributes of Cavapoos and Havapoos reflect the characteristics of their parent breeds, from the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and miniature or toy Poodles to the mix of Havanese and miniature poodles. These mixed breeds exhibit a variety of coat types, with the potential for a wavy coat being particularly common in both Havapoo and Cavapoo puppies. Understanding the mix of havanese and cavalier, plus their grooming needs, is crucial for keeping a Havapoo or Cavapoo puppy looking its best.

Both Havapoos and Cavapoos require moderate exercise and benefit from engaging activities like daily walks and playtime with interactive toys. Their energy levels can vary, but interactive games are a great way to keep them entertained and healthy. The grooming needs of these breeds depend largely on their havanese parent’s influence, with some requiring more frequent grooming to maintain their coat’s condition.

Curly Coat

A Havapoo puppy with a curly coat likely has a double coat, offering a unique look that requires regular grooming. This coat type benefits from frequent brushing to prevent mats and tangles, ensuring the dog remains comfortable and stylish.

Wavy Coat

Similarly, a wavy coat, often seen in both Havapoos and Cavapoos, is characterized by a double coat that combines softness with slight curls. This coat type also demands regular grooming to maintain its appearance and prevent issues like matting, showcasing the beauty and charm of these hybrid breeds.

Straight Coat

The straight coat in some Cavapoos is inherited from the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. This type of coat is sleek and smooth, lying flat against the body. It tends to be less demanding in terms of grooming compared to curly or wavy coats. However, regular brushing is still needed to keep it free of tangles and looking its best. Owners find this coat type particularly appealing for its elegant appearance and ease of care.

Size Matters: Comparing Cavapoo and Havapoo

When choosing between a Cavapoo and a Havapoo, size is an important factor. Cavapoos, a mix of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle, typically weigh between 9 to 25 pounds, depending on the size of the Poodle parent. Havapoos, a blend of Havanese and Poodle, have a similar weight range but tend to be slightly smaller due to the Havanese’s smaller stature. Both breeds are manageable sizes for most living situations, making them excellent companions for a variety of homes.

Character and Temperament

Both Cavapoos and Havapoos are known for their affectionate nature and make excellent family pets. Cavapoos tend to inherit the friendly and outgoing personality traits of both their Cavalier and Poodle parents, making them great social pets. Havapoo dogs, with their Havanese and Poodle lineage, are gentle and affectionate, often showing a playful and adaptable temperament that fits well into most family dynamics. Their loving dispositions make them ideal companions for those seeking a pet with a balance of playfulness and cuddliness.

The Loving Nature of Cavapoos

Cavapoos are one of the most adorable doodle breeds, known for their affectionate nature. They thrive on companionship and love being part of the family activities. This breed’s desire for affection makes them excellent family pets, craving attention and giving it back in abundance. Their grooming requirements, while manageable, are an important aspect of their care, ensuring their coat remains soft, clean, and tangle-free. Cavapoos are truly a bundle of love, bringing joy and affection to their families.

Havapoos: Friendly and Adaptable Companions

Havapoos stand out for their friendly and adaptable nature, making them well-suited for a variety of homes and lifestyles. These dogs inherit the best qualities from both the Havanese and Poodle, resulting in a companion that is both playful and gentle. Havapoos are quick to make friends and can adapt to living in both large houses and small apartments. Their ability to adjust to different situations with ease makes them perfect pets for families, singles, and seniors alike.

Health, Lifespan, and Care

When it comes to health, lifespan, and care, both Cavapoos and Havapoos are generally healthy dogs with a lifespan of 12 to 15 years. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, and routine veterinary check-ups are key to maintaining their health. Both breeds may inherit certain health issues from their purebred parents, but with proper care, they can lead healthy lives. It’s essential to meet their basic care needs, including mental stimulation and grooming, to ensure they live long and happy lives.

Cavapoos and Havapoos may face health issues like hip dysplasia and patellar luxation, inherited from their parent breeds. Havapoo puppies, with Havanese and Poodle lineage, and Cavapoos, with Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Miniature Poodle parents, also risk health concerns such as progressive retinal atrophy. Responsible breeders often conduct health testing protocols to minimize these risks. Ear infections can be common due to floppy ears, especially in those inherited from the Cavalier King Charles. A healthy lifestyle and regular vet check-ups can help ensure these mixed breeds lead healthy lives.

Both Cavapoos and Havapoos enjoy a relatively long lifespan, typically ranging from 12 to 15 years. This expectancy is influenced by various factors, including genetics, diet, and the level of care they receive. Regular exercise is crucial for maintaining their health and preventing common health issues. With proper care, these breeds can enjoy healthy lives, bringing years of joy and companionship to their families.

Health Concerns and Lifespan

Both Cavapoos and Havapoos are cherished for their vibrant personalities and affectionate nature, making them excellent companions. However, prospective pet owners should be aware of the health concerns and lifespan associated with each breed to ensure they are prepared for the long-term commitment of pet ownership.

Cavapoos, a delightful mix of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle, are known for their friendly disposition and intelligence. They generally enjoy a lifespan of 12 to 15 years. Despite their hybrid vigor, Cavapoos may inherit health issues common to their parent breeds, such as hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, and certain heart conditions like mitral valve disease. Regular veterinary check-ups and a healthy lifestyle can help mitigate these risks and ensure your Cavapoo leads a happy, healthy life.

On the other hand, Havapoos, born from the union of a Havanese and a Poodle, boast a similar lifespan of 12 to 14 years. They share a propensity for certain inherited health concerns, including hip dysplasia and patellar luxation. Additionally, Havapoos may be at risk for hearing issues and eye conditions like progressive retinal atrophy. Ensuring your Havapoo receives regular health screenings and maintains an active, nutritious lifestyle is crucial for their overall well-being.

Understanding these health concerns and the expected lifespan of each breed is essential for potential owners. By providing the necessary care and attention, you can enjoy many joyful years with your furry companion, whether you choose the lively Cavapoo or the spirited Havapoo.

Exercise and Activity Requirements

Both Cavapoos and Havapoos have moderate exercise needs that are important for their health and happiness. These breeds enjoy daily walks, playtime, and interactive toys that keep them engaged. Their energy levels are well-suited for families or individuals who can provide them with regular activities. Including interactive games in their routine not only helps in keeping them physically fit but also mentally stimulated, making them well-rounded pets.

Keeping Your Cavapoo Fit and Happy

Cavapoos possess an affectionate nature that extends to their playtime. They enjoy activities that allow them to bond with their families. Regular grooming is also a part of keeping a Cavapoo happy, as it not only keeps their coat in good condition but also provides a bonding experience. Exercise, combined with proper grooming, ensures that Cavapoos are not just physically fit but also emotionally content.

Activity Needs for Havapoos

Havapoos, with their moderate exercise requirements, are perfectly suited for various types of families. Daily walks are essential for keeping them healthy, while interactive toys can keep them engaged and mentally stimulated. The Havanese parent contributes to their playful nature, making them enjoy activities that involve both physical and mental challenges. Regular play and exercise help maintain their energy levels and keep them happy.

Training Insights

Training plays a crucial role in the lives of both Cavapoos and Havapoos. These intelligent breeds benefit from regular mental stimulation, obedience training, and moderate exercise. Incorporating training methods that include rewards and positive reinforcement works well for them. Outdoor activities and games like fetch also provide excellent opportunities for exercise and bonding, making training a fulfilling experience for both pet and owner.

Cavapoo Training Techniques

Cavapoos are intelligent dogs that thrive on mental stimulation and benefit from regular obedience training. Using positive reinforcement and rewards makes the training process enjoyable and effective for them. Regular training sessions not only keep their minds active but also strengthen the bond between the dog and the owner. With the right techniques, Cavapoos can learn a wide variety of commands and tricks, showcasing their intelligence and pleasing nature.

Effective Training Strategies for Havapoos

Training Havapoos involves strategies that capitalize on their intelligence and eagerness to please. Positive reinforcement and patience play key roles in their training process. Havapoos respond well to consistency and enjoy learning new things, making training a rewarding experience for both the dog and the trainer. With their friendly nature, Havapoos are quick to learn commands and can excel in obedience training, making them adaptable and well-behaved family pets.

Living Arrangements

Both Cavapoos and Havapoos are versatile when it comes to their living arrangements. Thanks to their adaptable nature and moderate exercise needs, they can thrive in various living situations, including apartments and larger homes. Regular exercise is key to their well-being, regardless of the size of their living space. These breeds are known for their ability to adjust to different environments, making them suitable for a wide range of households.

Best Environments for Cavapoos

Cavapoos are adaptable dog breeds that can thrive in various environments, from apartments to houses with large yards. Their size and exercise requirements make them suitable for different types of living situations. Effective potty training and regular playtime are important for their well-being, ensuring they are happy and healthy regardless of where they live. Cavapoos make excellent companions in almost any home setting, bringing joy and affection to their families.

Havapoos: Adapting to Various Home Settings

Havapoos, with their affectionate nature, thrive in a variety of home settings. Whether it’s a bustling family house or a quiet apartment, they adapt quickly, making them perfect for city dwellers and suburban families alike. Their grooming requirements are moderate and manageable, fitting well into the busy lifestyles of many pet owners.

Compatibility with Families

Havapoos exhibit an affectionate nature that makes them gentle and affectionate companions for families. They’re known for their ability to bond deeply with adults and children alike, displaying patience and love. Their gentle demeanor ensures they integrate well into homes with kids, offering affection and joy to every family member.

Are Cavapoos Good with Children and Other Pets?

Cavapoos are renowned for their friendly and gentle nature, making them excellent companions for children and other pets. They are adaptable and can thrive in a household with diverse members, including other dogs and cats. Their playful yet patient demeanor ensures they are a beloved addition to any family dynamic.

Havapoos and Their Relationship with Family Members

Havapoos foster strong bonds with their family members, thanks to their loving and adaptable nature. They are particularly good at picking up on the emotional cues of their owners, providing comfort and companionship. Their friendly attitude extends to children and other pets, making them ideal family dogs.

Financial Commitment

Choosing to bring a havapoo or cavapoo puppy into your home requires understanding the financial commitment involved. These designer breeds come with costs that include initial purchase, veterinary care, grooming, and daily maintenance. Prospective owners should budget for these expenses to ensure a healthy and happy life for their new furry friend.

Owning a cavapoo involves various expenses that go beyond the initial cost of the puppy. These designer breeds require regular grooming, quality food, routine veterinary check-ups, and possibly training sessions. Prospective owners should prepare for these ongoing costs to ensure their cavapoo leads a well-cared-for life.

When budgeting for a havapoo, it’s essential to consider both one-time and recurring expenses. Beyond the purchase price, owners should account for grooming requirements, health checks, vaccinations, and daily care. Planning financially for these aspects ensures a havapoo can enjoy a comfortable and nurturing environment.

Making the Right Choice

Deciding between a cavapoo and havapoo involves weighing various factors, including compatibility with your lifestyle, maintenance needs, and personal preferences.

Havapoos are intelligent dogs, but choosing a cavapoo brings its unique advantages. Their intelligence and eagerness to please make training a rewarding experience for both pet and owner.


Cavapoos are known for their friendly nature, intelligence, and low-shedding coats, making them great for families with allergies. Their adaptability to different living environments and eagerness to participate in family activities make them an excellent choice for many households.


However, cavapoos can be prone to separation anxiety if left alone for too long. They also require regular grooming to keep their coat in good condition, which can add to the overall cost of ownership. Their popularity has led to high demand, making it important to find a reputable breeder.

Havapoos are intelligent dogs, making them quick learners. Their intelligence and eagerness to please facilitate a smooth training process.


Havapoos stand out for their sociable and affectionate nature, making them perfect companions. They adapt well to various living situations and are known for being good with children and other pets. Their hypoallergenic coats also appeal to families with allergies.


While havapoos are adaptable, they do require mental stimulation and physical activity to stay happy. Their grooming needs, though not as intensive as some breeds, still necessitate regular attention. As designer dogs, havapoos can also come with a higher price tag, reflecting their desirability.

Addressing Common Queries

When considering a cavapoo or havapoo, potential owners often have questions about their health, training needs, and suitability for families. Understanding these aspects can help in making an informed decision on which breed may be the best fit for your lifestyle and home environment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cavapoos and Havapoos

When considering poodle mixes like the havapoo and cavapoo, many potential pet owners have questions about their parent breeds and what to expect from these companion dogs. Common inquiries often revolve around their temperament, grooming needs, and overall suitability for various families. Both breeds inherit traits from their parent lines, combining the intelligence and hypoallergenic coats of poodles with the friendly and affectionate nature of their other parent breeds, making them ideal companion dogs for a wide range of households.

A Comprehensive Comparison: Cavapoo vs Havapoo

The cavapoo and havapoo dog breeds both emerge from a mix, including havanese dogs and the cavalier king charles spaniel and poodle, respectively. These companion dogs are celebrated for their friendly nature and adaptability but differ in their specific breed characteristics. Cavapoo puppies, for instance, may inherit a range of health problems, requiring owners to keep a close eye on their well-being. Both breeds benefit from regular brushing to keep their coat healthy and ear cleanings to prevent infections. Additionally, their hypoallergenic coats can be a boon for individuals with allergic reactions, making them a popular choice among allergy sufferers.

Key Similarities and Differences

While both the cavapoo and havapoo sport a wavy coat that appeals to many potential owners, their similarities and differences extend beyond their physical appearance. These breeds share a deep-rooted affection for their human companions, thriving in environments where they receive plenty of love and attention. However, their backgrounds and specific breed characteristics influence their behavior and care requirements. Understanding these nuances is essential for any prospective owner looking to make an informed decision on which of these charming breeds would best suit their lifestyle.

Final Thoughts: Selecting the Perfect Poo for You

Choosing between a Cavapoo and a Havapoo is a delightful dilemma that boils down to personal preference and lifestyle. Both breeds offer a bundle of joy and love, but their subtle differences might make one a better fit for your home. Cavapoos, with their slightly more energetic nature, might suit active families, while the adaptable Havapoo could be the perfect companion for those looking for a furry friend who’s as comfortable in a city apartment as in a suburban home. Taking into account their health, lifespan, grooming needs, and how they blend with your family dynamic, will guide you toward the pooch that promises to fill your life with years of happiness and companionship.

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