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The Havanese, Cuba’s only dog breed, is a happy little dog with a bounce in its stride and a glint in its wide, brown eyes. These energetic and social companions are becoming increasingly popular among residents in the United States. The Havanese is known for its curled-over tail and beautiful silky coat, which comes in various colors.

Havanese dogs are a loving and intelligent breed that is fast to learn and eager to please its owners. As a result of their pleasant, outgoing, and non-aggressive nature, they make one of the best family pets.

Havanese Puppies in Pennsylvania.

You’ve decided to have Havanese join your family. You’re delighted to bring a puppy home, but now comes the hard part: finding the right breeder.

Getting a pet is a life-changing decision that should be carefully considered rather than made on the spur of the moment. It’s critical to choose a responsible breeder that undertakes health tests and screens you to ensure you’re a good match for one of her puppies. For that, it is essential to adequately research the best breeders in town.

This is a guide to help you find the best Havanese breeders and Havanese puppies for sale in Pennsylvania.

    1.  Little Creek Havanese Puppies

Little Creek Havanese, located in Lancaster County, has to be number 1 on our list of Havanese breeders in Pennsylvania. The breeder’s priority is to produce well-bred and healthy puppies that exhibit the features and personalities that meet the AKC breed standard. The puppies in the Little Creek Havanese are raised lovingly in their home and taken care of since day and usually have a good supply of Havanese puppies for sale.

To guarantee proper socialization, the breeder at Little Creek implements The Rules of Sevens approach to socialize the puppies. Puppies are exposed to novel surfaces, toys, and sounds as part of this process. This type of stimulation boosts a dog’s confidence and intelligence while making him calmer and easier to train. They also use the Bio-Sensor Program, which aims to improve dog performance. This program is implemented from the third to the sixteenth day of a puppy’s life.

Location: Lancaster County area of Pennsylvania

Phone: (717) 823-0158

Website: Little Creek Havanese

    2. Legin’s Havanese PA

Legin’s Havanese is a team of loving and passionate family members who have successfully placed several perfect puppies in perfect families. Your Legins puppy comes with a three-year unconditional guarantee covering any genetic defect that prevents the dog from being certified by the Canine Eye Registration Foundation, Inc. (CERF) or Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA).

Your puppy would have been examined by a veterinarian at Sunbury Animal Hospital in Sunbury, PA, for a general health check-up, initial immunizations, and worming. In addition, all vaccinations and dewormings would have been completed. The health of your puppy will be in fantastic condition when you receive it. To be eligible for this Health Guarantee, you must take your puppy to your veterinarian for a well-puppy check-up within five days of delivery.

They usually have a good supply of Havanese puppies for sale

Location: Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania

Phone: 570-765-8324

Website: Legin’s Havanese PA

    3.   Camelot’s Champion Havanese Puppies

Camelot’s Champion Havanese is a haven for excellent, healthy puppies, with over 30 years of experience in breeding and showing dogs.

Their puppies come with standard shots and deworming, AKC papers, a towel with mom’s scent, and the first food supply. But, most importantly, the puppy comes with a lifelong support system that includes unlimited coaching as well as a unique lifelong genetic warranty, which will reimburse your vet bills up to the purchase price of your puppy if you encounter a hereditary problem that could have been prevented with better breeding.

They can send their Havanese puppies for a reasonable price up to a 250-mile radius. After that, depending on the region, you should expect to pay anything from $50 to $200.

Here are some of their Google Reviews:

Location: 659 Penn High Park Road, Jeannette, PA 15644

Phone: (724) 3094317

Website: Camelot’s Champion Havanese PA

    4. Steel City Havanese Puppies

Havanese, at this breeder, are all nurtured at home, with both parents present at all times. All of their Havanese come from champion lines, and their parents are champion-sired. Steel City Havanese breed according to AKC requirements to create superior Havanese puppies.

Their puppies are sold with limited registration, but full registration is available for an extra charge. In addition, all of their puppies come with AKC registration papers, a current veterinarian health check, a shot record with current vaccines, a health guarantee, a puppy kit, and a few other special goodies created just for your adoptive family.

You have three alternatives for receiving your Havanese puppy from the breeder. You can pay a visit to the breeder’s house, arrange a meeting spot depending on distance, or have the puppy flown to a local airport. This breeder usually have a good supply of Havanese puppies for sale

Here are some of their reviews on Google:

Location: 250 Chandler Ave, Johnstown, PA 15906

Phone: 724-320-6540

Website: Steel City Havanese Pennsylvania 

    5.   Woodland Havanese Puppies

Woodland Havanese have experience with 20 years of showing and breeding Havanese. They have taken several of them to AKC championships. Their Havanese are both show dogs and family pets.

Woodland Havanese inspect their dogs’ eyes annually, and they are tested for BAER, Patella’s, Hips, LCP, Heart, and Thyroid.

They solely breed and exhibit Havanese. AKC Standard, Temperament, and Health are all put into consideration by Woodland Havanese when breeding. While certain Havanese colors are attractive, this breeder believes that the dog’s health, temperament, and conformation are far more essential.


Location: Garnet Valley, Pennsylvania, USA

Phone: (484) 816-3163

Website: Wood Land Havanese

    6.  Willow Spring Kennel

Willow Spring Kennels owners, the Smiths, are a wonderful family who run a fantastic kennel. The facility is immaculate, and the owners genuinely care about their pets and how they conduct themselves.

The breeder uses the services of two veterinarians who come to their house once a week regularly. All of their miniature breeders have their eyes, hips, knees, and hearts examined. If something occurs that jeopardizes the genetic line’s health and happiness, the dog is not bred and rescued with a loving home.

Here are some of their reviews on Google:

Location:479 E Cherry Rd, Quakertown, PA 18951, United States

Phone:1 – 215 – 538 – 2179

Website: Willow Spring 

    7.  Avonlea Havanese Puppies

Avonlea Havanese aims to breed healthy dogs first and foremost, with temperament and personality coming in second.

Avonlea Havanese follow Dr. Jean Dodds’s vaccination program for dogs. In addition, Avonlea Havanese engages in health studies to learn more about the breed’s minor health issues.

To that end, Avonlea Havanese conducts thorough health checks on all of its breeding dogs. They perform BAER (hearing) and CERF (eyesight) tests, x-ray hips and patellas for dysplasia and Legg-Calves Perthes disease, and evaluate bile acids for liver shunts, among other things. When necessary, they will also undertake cardiac checks and thyroid tests. They place a high value on our health. Puppy buyers can obtain copies of any testing upon request.

Location: Southeast PA, near the DE/MD border,

Phone: (610) 274-3503

Website: Avonlea Havanese 

In a Nutshell

Taking care of your pet requires a lot of effort, but so does finding the right breeder. We hope this list makes the process of finding Havanese breeders in Pennsylvania easier for you. You will discover several breeders of Havanese in Pennsylvania.

Make sure you visit the websites or contact the breeders if you have any queries. Do your research and choose the breeder who works the best for you in terms of location, availability, and convenience. Once you find the right breeder, you will be thrilled to bring a Havanese fur companion home who adds joy and happiness to your life.

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