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Best Toys for Small Dogs

There is a wide array of dog toys accessible various pet supply stores. You’ll find a number of the most effective dog toys online or in your own nearby pet shop. Dogs want to chew and many may actually chew through their toys and you may come across modest pieces of the favorite toy lying … Read more

Havanese Diet and Nutrition Tips

Havanese Singing

The Havanese dog generally stands between 8 ½ and 11 ½ inches tall.   The dogs generally weigh between 7 and 14 pounds. Unlike some Toy dogs, the Havanese is dynamic and very energetic. At times in Cuba they were used to herd chickens as well as for other farm work that was simple. Most … Read more

Havanese “Cooper” l Epic Obedience l Dog Trainers Bay Area

Were you impressed by the 100% Obedient and OffLeash trained dogs you saw in our videos? Call: 1-888-909-6026 today! Subscribe to my Youtube Channel: Find all the locations we service: Email us: Off-Leash K9 Training Hampton Roads, Virginia, San Antonio, Texas, Jackson, Mississippi and The Bay Area, California is owned by Josh … Read more

Cute Kitten Plays with Havanese Dog! Adorable Funny Pets!

A champagne Burmese kitten (Simon) wants to play a fun game with his laundry basket. A Havanese dog (Phoebe) wants to play too…but how do you play with a cat in a basket? Family-Friendly

Havanese Dog and Burmese Cat Play Fight Over a Kuranda Bed! Adorable Funny Pets!

A Havanese dog (Phoebe) loves her Kuranda dog bed. But three cute Burmese cats like her bed too! Will these curious, annoying cats ever let Phoebe take a nap? =^..^= Family-Friendly! Enjoy!!

Havanese Dog Tail is an Awesome Cat Teaser! So Cute & Funny!

Simon, a Burmese cat, really wants to catch Phoebe’s tail. Phoebe, a Havanese dog, loves cats and plays along. Goofy Dog + Mischievous Cat = FUN! Family-Friendly

Best Dog Toys 2017

Top 10 Dog Toys 2017. [popup_product]poop emoji plush [/popup_product] [popup_product]Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy Behavioral Aid Toy[/popup_product] [popup_product]Tug a War toy[/popup_product] [popup_product]Soft Moose[/popup_product] [popup_product]JW Pet Company Small Megalast Ball[/popup_product] [popup_product]JW Pet Company iSqueak Ball Rubber Dog Toy[/popup_product]   More Dog Toys KONG Cozie Marvin the Moose, Medium Dog Toy, Brown The KONG Cozies are cute soft … Read more

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Puppy raising a big job that requires all paws on deck

Puppy raising a big job that requires all paws on deck Meet Mara, my new puppy. Shes a 4-month-old Havanese. Shes cute, shes fluffy, and shes full of fun personality. I love her to pieces, and… Read More… Havanese – ToyBreeds Mar 1, 2003 full body havanese. Havanese The only dog originated in … Read more