6 of the Best Havanese Breeders in California
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The best Havanese breeders in California are Premier Pups, California Havanese, Angie’s Havanese Puppies, High Moon Havanese, Amor Havanese and Kokomo Havanese. All of these breeders have a commitment to providing healthy and well-socialized puppies. All of the puppies come with an extensive health guarantee, are AKC registered, and have been health tested for any genetic or health conditions. They also provide potty training, crate training, and basic training to ease the transition to their new homes. Pricing varies between breeders, but they all offer competitive prices and excellent customer service.

1.   Premier Pups Havanese Puppies

Premier Pups is a top-rated breeder of Havanese puppies. They offer high-quality breeds that are well-bred and have excellent temperaments. The owners of Premier Pups are experienced dog breeders who know what they’re doing. Plus, their dogs come with a 10 year health warranty. If you’re looking for the perfect pup, then check out Premier Pups!

2. California Havanese: Raising their Havanese puppies in the heart of their home and providing a 10 year health guarantee.

This breeder is distinguished as AKC “Bred-with-Heart” for our dedication to health testing.  This accomplishment ensures that their Havanese are free of the hereditary defects that OFA has determined to be the most prevalent in Havanese.  All of their Havanese are OFA health tested and certified for their eyes, patellas, and hearing and hips (after age 2), which are the recommended health tests for Havanese.  The health of their puppies is also ensured by excellent hygiene and nutrition and regular deworming and vaccinations.  All of their puppies are thoroughly examined by our veterinarian prior to placement in their new homes.  All of our Havanese are AKC registered.

3. Angie’s Havanese Puppies Southern California Family who are nuts about the Havanese dog breed.

Throughout their nearly eight year breeding venture, Angie and James have raised Havanese puppies.

In their household, the Havanese puppies are treated just like family. It is important to them that their Havanese puppies are adopted into loving forever homes. They have all of their Havanese registered with the AKC and have had any genetic and health problems cleared

This breeder indicates that it only breed adults with great genetics and specific desired physical traits.   They give a Health Guarantee to you in writing. You will also your puppy’s American Kennel Club (AKC) registered papers. Your puppy will also receive their first series of shots before they come home to you.  They have an interesting deposit guarantee the main component of which is that if you place a deposit on a puppy and have any life event that makes getting your puppy at the planned time difficult or impossible, we will allow you to use your deposit down the road to pick out a different puppy from their next litter or from one of my family members who have a litter.

4. High Moon Havanese in California: Offering a 5-year health guarantee and AKC registration.

The owners of this business have been breeding Havanese puppies for 18 years. Puppies come with a 5 year health guarantee,  an AKC Registration, a well puppy vet visit and first vaccination.

5. Kokomo Havanese California: Specializing in show and companion Havanese with championship show dog bloodline.

They are located in Southern California and enjoy exhibiting their dogs at AKC dog shows.  Currently we share their home with Bailey (who has won many dog shows) and  his  daughters.  They are also proud members of American Kennel Club and the parent club of Havanese; Havanese Club of America, both clubs adhere to the highest standards in regard to quality of this breed.

6.  Amor Havanese

Mary Lopez and Bob started their own kennel, Mon Jovis Briards, in 1969 and 1976 respectively. This kennel has been successful in dog shows, winning over 150 of them. Many of the dogs have been awarded Group Placements, Group Winners, Specialty winners and even won the U.S. Show in their first three years. Mon Jovis Briards also hold the number one spot all-time for a year in 1990.

Mary has been showing her dogs for almost twenty years and works hard to ensure they have strong traits and are in perfect condition before showing. She also helps owners groom their dogs, whether they are going to show them or just want a family pet.  The breeder has a well-designed website and Facebook page.

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