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Havanese Diet and Nutrition Tips

Havanese Singing

The Havanese dog generally stands between 8 ½ and 11 ½ inches tall.   The dogs generally weigh between 7 and 14 pounds. Unlike some Toy dogs, the Havanese is dynamic and very energetic. At times in Cuba they were used to herd chickens as well as for other farm work that was simple. Most … Read more

Why the Havanese Breed is So Popular

The Havanese is a toy dog breed that is too cute for words, say fans of Havanese puppy dogs that are known as the national dog of Cuba. In fact, the American Kennel Club states this is a great breed for therapy or performance training because the dog is easy to train. The breed is … Read more

How To Groom A Puppy For The First Time | Wittle Havanese

This video is more for the purpose of showing you the progression and how a puppy can start off nervous but by the end feel comfortable and trusting. Stormy struggles in the beginning but I reassure her and corrected her and she quickly learned I was not causing her harm. It was a successful first … Read more

Havanese Dog Breed | Havanese Top 10 Most Amazing Facts About The Havanese Dog Breed

Havanese – Dog Breed The Breed History The Havanese dog is thought to have originated on the Isle of Malta two thousand years ago. Tenerife dogs were the ancestors of the Bichon family of dogs. Those dogs that were later exported to Cuba were the seed stock for the modern Havanese breed. These dogs are … Read more

MEET COCO, THE TEACUP HAVANESE • Teacup puppy (Part 1/3)

THE PUPPY IS NOT MINE! One of my colleagues was taking care of her, and they brought her in to the office for a day! Reynard and Coco, the teacup havanese were playing super nicely. It was really hard to work next to these two, because I just wanted to take videos of them, haha! … Read more

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