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havanese photo 1The Havanese temperament is often one of playful devotion. They are intelligent and curious animals that love to be the center of attention. You will find small children are one of their favorite family members. You will also find that they don’t like to be left alone for long periods of time. This means you usually have to take them with you on vacation or place them with a well known friend. They do get along with other animals, especially dogs. The Havanese can also be a great watchdog as they tend to let you know when someone is approaching. Luckily they will not approach a stranger without your consent. You will also find they are neither timid nor aggressive. If you see this behavior in your Havanese there is something wrong and you should take them to the vet.

Training is one of the most fun experiences you can have with your dog. They love to learn and be obedient for their masters. You can entertain them with water sports, tricks, and other training. Mentioned above was the ability to use them for therapy dogs. They are very sweet and loving, which can help individuals with problems. Keep in mind when training you should always use a firm hand, with consistency, but also gentleness and affection. They are full of energy, which means they require walks and play time. You will find at most an hour is good and as long as they have stimulation they will not become bored. It is important to play with them when it is playtime.

Are you looking for a smaller dog you can have in an apartment or condo? Maybe you just want a dog that is going to be affectionate and is considered in the breed group of toy? If this is the case you will want to research the Havanese dog breed. They are very happy and affectionate dogs. You will find they make a wonderful addition to an incomplete family and even offer a little therapy. Some dogs that offer a great deal of affection can help individuals with issues feel more relaxed. The Havanese can be one of these dogs.

You will find the Havanese dog breed to be very small they weigh at most thirteen pounds and can reach eleven inches. You will also find them very furry. They can be cream, gold, silver, champagne, tan, blue, black or multi- colored with long, straight hair. This dog breed has a double coat that helps keep the shedding to a minimum. You will also find the long coat offers quite a look as it parts in odd places if you forgo grooming. The coat if not groomed can reach up to eight inches in length as an adult. The face is also very small with a short snout. Grooming is very important with this breed. You will need to trim the hair around the eyes to make it easier to see and keep the hair short enough so they can walk with ease. It is recommended that you brush this dog at least twice a week if not every day during high shedding. As mentioned you can clip their coat to make care and walking easier. You will also need to pay close attention to the ears and eyes because they tend to have genetic diseases. Eye and ear infections are very common, which is why trimming the hair around the eyes on a regular basis is important. Bathing is not usually necessary and should only be attempted once a year. You will need to take special care of their teeth as they are also susceptible to tooth decay and loss.

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