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Among the main parts of grooming your Havanese is brushing.  Attempt to brush your dog daily. First spray one region of the dog’s coat with a fine mist sprayer, to brush. (Mix the water using a bit of conditioner, 1 teaspoon is fine, or you also can use plain water. Dry brushing breaks the jacket.) Begin brushing after spraying on an area. Be sure to get all the way down to the skin because the skin is formed near by mats. Don’t only brush the outer layer. Use the line.

Line Brushing

First separate the hair. Create a line with the hair going across the dog From your nose to the tail in order to view the skin. Brush the hair up and then down, little by Small, moving up to the middle of the rear and starting in the feet. Brush down a row Hold the brush flat, while brushing. Holding the brush at an angle will rip the coat and scrape your dog’s skin. When brushing the legs, lift the very best leg up and brush the under side of the leg on the bottom. Turn around your pet when one side is complete and do the exact same thing on the opposite side. Your dog needs to be trained to lie on her side to be line brushed. Beginning training doing short sessions and brush very gently. Don’t bear back on your brush. Communicate with your dog and give her lots of praise.

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Make it a relaxing time for both you as well as your dog. Following a little while she will benefit from the activity and sometimes go to sleep. Under a half hour, eye care, tooth cleaning plus some foot when needed trimming should take for a well-trained dog, line brushing. It takes ten minutes
for just one owner.

Typically the most popular brushes with this technique are pin brushes. The best brush is the one that feels comfortable in your hand.


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