Havanese Temperament
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HavaneseThe cheerful and outgoing Havanese temperament makes them an ideal pet for your families of retired seniors. These gorgeous dogs are the national dog of Cuba, and are part of the Bichon group of dogs, which share a common ancestry with the Poodle.

Dorothy Goodale, the lady primarily responsible for the restoring the Havanese breed penned this description of them:

“What is a Havanese? He is the light of my life, the sun of my morning, the most charming and discreet of beggars at my table. He will play the clown when I am sad… never failing to charm the smile right out of me, talk to me, be my most enthusiastic traveling companion with the most exemplary of manners. His personality has a many facets as a priceless gem.  What more can I say? He is a Havanese!”

The Havanese is truly one of the most delightful of all small breeds!

Havanese are natural companion dogs, gentle and responsive. They become very attached to their human families and are excellent with children. Very affectionate and playful with a high degree of intelligence, these cheerful dogs are very sociable and will get along with everyone including people, dogs, cats, and other pets. They are easy to obedience train. This curious dog loves to observe what is going on.

The Havanese gets on well with everyone, whether it is people, dogs, or even other pets. They are wonderful with children, not only because of their playful and affectionate nature, but because they are sturdier than most of other toy breeds. In spite of this, youngsters still need to be watched when they are romping with their canine playmate.

It is sensitive to the tone of one’s voice and will not listen if it senses that it is stronger minded that its owner, however it will also not respond well to harsh discipline. Owners need to be calm, yet possess an air of natural authority. The Havanese has a long reputation of being circus dog, probably because it learns quickly and enjoys doing things for people. Few then to bark a lot, as they can be taught not to do this; it is not their nature to back a lot. It is the best to teach them not to back unnecessarily while they are still young to prevent it from becoming a habit. Havanese are good watch dogs, making sure to alert you when a visitor arrives, but will quickly welcome the guest once it sees you welcome them. Some dogs that have not been properly socialized may exhibit a degree of shyness around strangers, but this is not characteristic of the breed. Havenese live for your every word and gesture.


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