What You Should Know about Havanese and Children
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For the most part, Havanese are good for families with young children. They are very affectionate, and your Havanese will thrive with the companionship and attention that a family provides. Havanese tend to expect that they’ll be part of a loving family, and they act like part of the family almost immediately.

But then again, it’s not always perfect every time. Here are some things you ought to know about your Havanese and your children:

  • Dogs are individual animals, so you can’t expect all dogs to act the same. If you want to know more about your dog’s temperament, you may want to take a look at the parent.. Temperaments tend to be inherited too.
  • Your Havanese needs to be trained, and part of that training is letting your dog know who is in charge.. In fact, they should consider your kids as higher up in the totem pole. This of course means that you should also teach your kids how to behave appropriately with your dog.
  • Since you need to train your kids too, this often means that a Havanese puppy and a very young child is not a good mix, especially when you leave them alone. You should always be near them so that you can prevent things form going wrong.

For example, it will really annoy your dog if your children keep on teasing the dog and pulling your dog’s tail. Very young kids may be kind-hearted, but they may accidentally drop your dog, and your dog will remember that. Such accidents won’t endear your kids to your dog.

  • Havanese pets, it must be pointed out, are generally friendly with kids. Your dog will enjoy the company of children, even if the child did not grow up with your dog. Your Havanese will delight in playing with your kids, and they are especially keen on doing tricks to get their attention. For most of your dog’s life, their sense of humor and playfulness will never disappear.
  • Havanese, however, are not literally tireless, even if they seem that way. Sometimes they want to just sleep and rest. For very young or untrained Havanese, children who disturb their rest or who try to pick them up when they are sleeping may be met by a growl.


As a primary owner, your job is to make sure that your dog knows that this kind of growling is not tolerated. You need to discipline your dog by telling them NO and putting them on their backs when they do this sort of thing. This will reinforce the lesson nicely.

At the same time, you also have to teach your kids that sometimes dogs just need rest. They don’t have to worry that your Havanese won’t want to play with them anymore. When your dog gets enough rest, they will seek out your kids for some fun and games.

Havanese and children are a happy mix. Just make sure train your dog and your kids, and it’s going to be fun times for many years to come.


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