12 Hot Tips for Finding a Responsible Havanese Breeder in 2023
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The most precious pup in my life is a Havanese! I t’s my favorite breed of dog! Thanks to their adorable faces and fun-loving personalities, these affectionate pooches have risen in popularity over the last decade. However, this doesn’t mean all breeders are good or that all dogs come from high-quality lines.

Once you have decided that a Havanese puppy is the right dog for your family, where do you go from there? How do you choose a reputable breeder?

This article outlines twelve hot tips to finding a reputable and responsible Havanese breeder, including vetting breeders’ claims, researching the breeder’s reputation, and asking the right questions when visiting.

How much should I budget for a havanese puppy? I would budget from $900 to $2400 for a high quality havanese puppy.

Twelve Hot Tips to finding a reputable and responsible Havanese breeder

Finding a trustworthy and responsible breeder should be your first and vital step in finding your best friend. There is no doubt that breeders are invaluable since they are a bridge between you and your best dog breed. Therefore, you will rely on them throughout the lifetime of your dog.

When it comes to finding a reputable and responsible Havanese breeder, you should consider taking the breeder as a private guide to your dog; from choosing the best dog to taking good care of it. Just like any other major decision, it is always ideal that you do your homework, you make a final commitment to the Havanese breeder. To help you with that, here are ten steps to finding a reputable and good Havanese breeder.

Visit the Breeder

There is no doubt that everyone would love to see how cute and adorable their new puppy will be. Therefore, heading to a local Havanese breeder will allow you to see the puppies first hand. While that may not be possible during COVID-19, consider communicating with your breeder via video conferencing or Skype. Observe the dogs and the breeder: Is the place clean? Is the breeder enthusiastic about dogs? How well-fed are the dogs? How do they interact with strangers and breeders? Both puppies and dogs should get along with strangers.

A good Havanese breeder will let you tour the parents’ kennel and pups’ kennel. The grounds should be well looked after with clean, odorless kennels and exercise areas. Puppies should not be caged for long periods. Furthermore, while there, you will be able to whether or not the Havanese breeder has a good reputation.
In addition to that, eyeing your Havanese puppies first hand allows you to get a glimpse of their demeanor. Some puppies can have a little bounce while walking; this often depends on their age. Furthermore, you will be able to choose a breed that will best suit your needs with the visual aid approach’s help.


Once you decide on purchasing a new dog, most individuals often want to find one immediately. By doing so, most individuals end up purchasing dogs that are often referred to as backyard breeders. These are unregistered and unlicensed persons who tend to breed dogs solely to make a profit. Such individuals often don’t give the dogs proper medical care and socialization.

On the other hand, good Havanese breeders will ensure that every breeding dog has good genetics by ensuring no inbreeding occurs. All reputable Havanese breeders considered dogs’ health as their top priority, and they will always feed their dogs with a proper diet. Therefore, before making any final decision, you should consider doing your research to find a reputable and responsible Havanese breeder.

Assess all the application processes

The reputable Havanese breeder generally belongs to one of the three leading associations in the world of Havanese breeding, which is the Havanese Club of America.
Havanese clubs generally accept only members who agree to uphold their codes of ethics, something worth considering when looking for a Havanese puppy.
The Club staff will ask the applicant for a detailed description of his/her show, breeding, health testing practices, and his/her reputation in the dog world before the committee makes a final decision. These reviews can result in membership rejection or deferral
A good Havanese breeder will understand that not everyone who purchases a dog is ideal for owning one. A reputable Havanese breeder will require a potential owner to go through all application processes. Always look for questions about the living situation, veterinary references, and neuter or spay contact.

Each dog should always come with a health guarantee for a specific period of a year. When purchasing a puppy, a relatively small price for the dog should also act as a warning sign. Since reputable Havanese put most of their time caring for the dog and including their medical expenses, the dog will be relatively expensive.

Questions to ask a Havanese Breeder

What are the best questions to ask a breeder? When meeting the breeder for the first time, you should consider coming prepared with a list of questions about the puppy and breed you want. Also be sure to ask what type of food the breeder is currently giving the puppy so that you can start out with the same food.

Always remember that you can never ask too many questions and that there is no dumb question. You should try and assess how the breeder reacts; try and check if they are patient with your questions and explain them clearly. In addition to that, you have to feel that the breeder has a good rapport. Any responsible breeder will want to see their dogs in a happy and loving home, and they will always be willing to share all the vital information.

Check the puppy’s parent

If you want to see how your dog will grow, there is no other better way than looking at the parent. By doing so, you will be able to have a sense of your dog’s temperament, appearance, and size. Ask the breeder what are the parents’ positive and negative characteristics?

Always get the full medical history

You need to verify that the puppies have seen a veterinarian and have been vaccinated. A reputable Havanese breeder will always be willing to show proof of all medical screenings such as CERT and O.F.A. certifications. In addition to that, they will always explain any medical conditions that are associated with that particular breed. This allows you to understand and know what to watch out for as time progresses.

Being patient

Patience is a vital thing that one needs when it comes to finding a good Havanese breeder. You should not expect to meet up with a breeder within the same day and bring your puppy home. This is because a good Havanese breeder will always keep the puppy at a kennel for approximately two to three months of its life.
This allows it to mature as well as socialize with its mother along with littermates. You should note that this kind of transition is vital and will give you ample time to puppy-proof your house and get all the vital supplies before welcoming your puppy home officially.

Be aware of Havanese puppies being sold online

One of the essential things you should note when choosing a good Havanese breeder is staying away from puppies being sold online. You should try and avoid commercial websites such as PuppyFind and NextDayPets along with adverts in newspapers or on Craigslist.

This is a vital point to note since a reputable Havanese breeder will not need these sites. If you are on the lookout for Havanese puppies on these sites, the chances are that these puppies will come from puppy mills, B.Y.B., and brokers.

Be aware of the puppy’s age

Any reputable Havanese breeder will not allow their puppies to leave before reaching the age of 10 weeks and sometimes not until they reach 12 weeks of age. This is vital information that you should keep in mind while looking out for an excellent Havanese breeder.

About Havanese Silk Dogs

Havanese Silk Dogs are a rare breed of havanese dog, and they are different from regular havanese dogs as well as more expensive. They are considered a breed of their own, and they look different from regular havanese dogs. Havanese Silk Dogs have long, soft coat. Their muzzle is longer than a Havanese’s, and their ears, although set high, hang low, framing their face. They have a rounded head and a black nose. It’s hard to describe the differences so to understand the differences you might want to search for images of such dogs on the Internet.

Always check Breeder of Merit as well as Bred with H.E.A.R.T. programs

Usually, B.O.M. (Breeder of Merit) is dedicated to preserving breed characteristics and producing healthy and well-socialized puppies. Therefore, bred with H.E.A.R.T. breeders have continued education and usually have some of the best health testing standards.
Don’t Leave with the Pedigree Papers
If you feel comfortable with a breeder and want to move forward, don’t leave the premises without getting the proper documentation of your puppy’s pedigree, your “papers.” Be careful of breeders who don’t give you papers or want to charge you more for AKC papers, or who tell you they will send them to you later.

Other considerations:

Ask questions regarding health issues, temperament, training methods, etc. Be sure to ask how many puppies they have available or when the next litter is expected.  Make sure the breeder provides references. Find out what kind of guarantee the breeder offers.

Check whether there are additional costs involved.  Some breeders are charging over $4,000 right now as this breed is very hot right now.

Final verdict

While on the lookout for a new Havanese puppy, understanding how to pick a Havanese breeder is highly essential. By adhering to the tips discussed in this article, finding reputable Havanese breeders becomes relatively easy. As we conclude, we hope that you have found this article beneficial as you look for a Havanese puppy that will best suit your need.

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