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How to Groom a Havanese

The Havanese puppy is a very popular breed that originated in Cuba however, those days are long gone and the modern-day puppy is now a cross-breed between Poodles from both French as well as German descent.  This particular breed is a bit high maintenance but they are definitely worth the time and investment as they are so cute, cuddly and just plain adorable!

Havanese grooming doesn’t have to be challenging but you’ll want to make sure that you’re doing it right and doing it often.  This will help keep their fur from matting and keep them looking their best at all times!  You can use a combination of brushes to comb out their hair.  Some of the brushes you can use are slicker brushes, pin brushes or even metal combs.  Start with a coarse brush so that you’re able to get some of the tangles out early on and then work with the other brushes to get a smoothly soft coat.  If some of the knots refuse to come out you can use other Havanese grooming supplies such as the mat rake.

When you’re going to be washing your Havanese make sure to use a protein-rich shampoo and never use a conditioner on your puppy or dog.  There are various Havanese grooming supplies on the market but you’ll want to invest in a lotion that can help prevent split ends and split hairs.  Investing in a good lotion can mean fewer problems for your pet down the line!

There are various Havanese grooming styles that you can use.  One of these may be done around the paws of the dog or puppy.  You can start by using scissors to cut the hair between the pads.  You can give it a more rounded look if you so desire.  If you’re not a grooming specialist you may want to consider using one if you feel you’ll have any trouble grooming your Havanese.  However, if you’d like to take on the task it’s recommended that you read up on the breed and how to effectively and appropriately groom them to ensure you aren’t hurting the dog and that they’re getting the best grooming possible.

You may want to invest in a few Havanese grooming supplies to keep around the home such as good clippers for getting out the clumps in the fur, good scissors and of course a few different types of brushes to help you achieve Havanese grooming styles that suit your taste.


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