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Havanese Facts

The Havanese Dog Makes a Wonderful Pet



Three cute bichon havanese puppies are sitting next to each other, isolated on white background

Three cute bichon havanese puppies are sitting next to each other, isolated on white background

If somebody is thinking about obtaining a new dog for their family members, that individual may want to think about the small dog breed called the Havanese dog. The dog’s disposition is especially important in case you have kids. This breed is not only a companion dog but is really a pure watch dog too. Although there are a few people who’ll desire a dog that will be more aggressive, usually since they’re using the dog as protection for their property, the typical dog owner is most likely going to need to have a dog with a gentle temperament.

Havanese dogs are a really good small dog breed for virtually any individual seeking an extra pet.  As these dogs are hypoallergenic they also perfect dogs for those who are allergic to dogs.

Things to learn About Havanese Dogs

In case you have a huge family, then Havanese is the proper option for your household. The Havanese can become a terrific alternative for someone that lives within the city. This small dog (7 to 14 pounds) makes a great pet for lots of people and families.

While dogs are usually referred to as playful companions and man’s very best friends, dogs also have several roles which are not as widely acknowledged. This dog has a history within the circus, also. Some dogs are simpler to train than many others. Small dogs will delight in having toys to play with within the home.

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Havanese dogs are available in many different fur kinds and colors. There are lots of breeders on the pages of this site that you can check out.  In case you are having difficulty getting your Havanese pup housebroken, one tried and true method which has worked with some Havanese owners could be the use of the litter box that’s designed to be used with toy dog breeds. The main thing about Havanese dogs and Havanese rescue dog is they always want and will provide, a lot of love and attention although they may be wary of strangers.   A Havanese dog wants to curl up on the sofa alongside you.

The fur coat of a havanese dog might have curly appearance, or it might have slight wave. Dogs also ought to have their nails trimmed from now and again. The coat of the show Havanese shouldn’t be trimmed or styled in just about any specific manner.

Havanese dogs are also thought of as apartment dogs since they really don’t require a whole lot of exercise whatsoever and their compact size means they do not take up a whole lot of space generally speaking. The health of Havanese dogs is still another reason to contemplate purchasing this kind of small dog breed. Purebred dogs might have health problems, Havanese rarely seen with health issues although some may eventually have eye problems.   However, they tend to be finicky and slow eaters and you may have to sprinkle some human food on top of their dog food to get them to eat.

Whatever They Told You About Havanese Dog Is Dead Wrong…And Here’s Why

Havanese dogs are fragile due their size.  Wrong.  The Havanese isn’t a fragile dog it’s a really sturdy little dog. Havanese dogs are comparatively small when compared with other breeds.   However, they can injure their knees jumping off of beds and couches so if they are not trained in this regard carefully watch them when they are on a bed or couch.

The Havanese breed is great with children. The Havanese breed needs to be playful in nature and makes a superb companion for folks of all ages. This breed is, in addition, nicknamed, Shavanese with a quick coat.

There are lots of dog breeds on earth from which you may select your pet. The temperament of Havanese dogs is just another great reason to get such a dog. Here are a few breeds which are considered In addition to these, there are lots of other mixed breeds and designer breeds which are bred particularly for allergic individuals. In truth, wolves are extremely protective of their territory, and dogs may be too unless they’re trained otherwise.


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Some Observations About the Havanese Breed



havanese photo 1The Havanese temperament is often one of playful devotion. They are intelligent and curious animals that love to be the center of attention. You will find small children are one of their favorite family members. You will also find that they don’t like to be left alone for long periods of time. This means you usually have to take them with you on vacation or place them with a well known friend. They do get along with other animals, especially dogs. The Havanese can also be a great watchdog as they tend to let you know when someone is approaching. Luckily they will not approach a stranger without your consent. You will also find they are neither timid nor aggressive. If you see this behavior in your Havanese there is something wrong and you should take them to the vet.

Training is one of the most fun experiences you can have with your dog. They love to learn and be obedient for their masters. You can entertain them with water sports, tricks, and other training. Mentioned above was the ability to use them for therapy dogs. They are very sweet and loving, which can help individuals with problems. Keep in mind when training you should always use a firm hand, with consistency, but also gentleness and affection. They are full of energy, which means they require walks and play time. You will find at most an hour is good and as long as they have stimulation they will not become bored. It is important to play with them when it is playtime.

Are you looking for a smaller dog you can have in an apartment or condo? Maybe you just want a dog that is going to be affectionate and is considered in the breed group of toy? If this is the case you will want to research the Havanese dog breed. They are very happy and affectionate dogs. You will find they make a wonderful addition to an incomplete family and even offer a little therapy. Some dogs that offer a great deal of affection can help individuals with issues feel more relaxed. The Havanese can be one of these dogs.

You will find the Havanese dog breed to be very small they weigh at most thirteen pounds and can reach eleven inches. You will also find them very furry. They can be cream, gold, silver, champagne, tan, blue, black or multi- colored with long, straight hair. This dog breed has a double coat that helps keep the shedding to a minimum. You will also find the long coat offers quite a look as it parts in odd places if you forgo grooming. The coat if not groomed can reach up to eight inches in length as an adult. The face is also very small with a short snout. Grooming is very important with this breed. You will need to trim the hair around the eyes to make it easier to see and keep the hair short enough so they can walk with ease. It is recommended that you brush this dog at least twice a week if not every day during high shedding. As mentioned you can clip their coat to make care and walking easier. You will also need to pay close attention to the ears and eyes because they tend to have genetic diseases. Eye and ear infections are very common, which is why trimming the hair around the eyes on a regular basis is important. Bathing is not usually necessary and should only be attempted once a year. You will need to take special care of their teeth as they are also susceptible to tooth decay and loss.

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Why the Havanese Breed is So Popular



havanese-photoThe Havanese is a toy dog breed that is too cute for words, say fans of Havanese puppy dogs that are known as the national dog of Cuba. In fact, the American Kennel Club states this is a great breed for therapy or performance training because the dog is easy to train. The breed is also credited with having a cheerful disposition with a smile on its face.

Moreover, owners of Havenese puppies state the dog’s agility and performance during initial obedience training is remarkable. In fact, one happy owner said he would never need a dog whisperer because his dog seems to understand him better than most people. The owner also joked about how the dog is great at tracking all sorts of things, including termites that his pet unearthed in a garage.
Toy dog loves kids.

The Havanese breed is credited with having a super soft coat that is silky to the touch. In fact, some fans of this breed say that it’s coat is smooth as silk; while others think its frizzy look has a very cottony and lightweight look that’s easy to maintain. Overall, it’s a beautiful looking dog that seems to love kids and just about anyone who gives it proper attention.
The Havanese Club of America features lots of interesting information on its web site about why this breed of dogs are in such great demand today. In turn, owners say the breed is popular today because of its pleasant nature and ability to learn fast. Also, there are many people with disabilities — such as being hearing impaired — who say the dog is a perfect service dogs because it seems to fly when called on for play or a task.

A toy dog with a lot of heart

Because this breed is considered to be very smart, Havanese toy dogs are in great demand worldwide. For instance, an owner commenting online said he would challenge anyone to not be impressed with how smart this breed is when it comes to training it for tasks both inside and outside the home. The owner said he’s most impressed with the overall temperament of his puppy that is already serving its master as a watch dog.

There are top dog breeders who state that most Havanese puppies will easily pass health tests or other requirements relating to AKC championship lines. In turn, a typical Havanese is black or chocolate in color with white markings. Also, dog breeders say there has been few health problems associated with this breed that’s hugely popular in its native Cuba.

Moreover, the Cuban government has honored its breed by celebrating it with images on stamps and other products and services associated with this island nation. In addition, the Havanese Club of America states that the breed is top of the line because of its great intelligence, flashy gait and ability to spring into action thanks to great upper arm strength. Also, the dog is famous for such things as entertaining in circus acts or down on the farm herding small animals.

Overall, the Havanese puppy is one hell of a dog. In fact, the mere mention of having a Havanese in select dog circles is reason for pride, say owners who prize these dogs as a great example of man’s best friend.


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Havanese Facts

Key Traits of a Havanese Dog



Traits of a Havanese Dog

The Havanese dog breed is one of the most widely known and recognized dog breeds in the world. Its characteristics make it a wonderful companion. Just like other dogs, this breed has a short and thick coat of fur that makes it one of the most suitable for having with children and adults alike. However, for the dog lover, a little bit of extra energy will definitely be a plus.

This breed has an exciting personality that can have your heart pounding each time you meet them. It can be very hyper when it sees something it likes, be it a treat or a stranger. Some might say this breed is gregarious but don’t take it too seriously; it’s just because it has a lot of energy.

It is smart as well as a responsible pet owner, and it knows how to behave accordingly. Because of the dog’s high intelligence level, some people consider it as an entertainer for children and adults alike.

Although they are good watchdogs, this breed is not so firm and decisive when it comes to decisions, so watch the safety precautions carefully and never let a stranger inside your home at night. Since they are not aggressive like some dogs, they tend to be well behaved with kids as well as adults.

Temperament and behavior are two different things that are sometimes misused by people. This is not to say that they don’t have their own personalities, but sometimes their caretakers make a mistake when trying to groom them. The Havanese dog breed has its own unique characteristics and needs some extra attention when it comes to grooming.  It not groomed periodically their coats can get matted in which case your groomer will charge extra to “de-mat” the matted areas.

For a healthy, happy life, you should start providing them with quality food. Since the Havanese dog breed has the tendency to be very active, it’s advisable to provide them with a moderate amount of exercise. They are also ideal pets for families who do not like to interact with the outside world.

They make great companions as long as they are treated well and cared for. When getting the best from this dog breed, start off with a little bit more as you learn more about it.

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You can find out more about the Havanese dog breed at pet store websites, through online resources or by checking out forums and chats on the internet. It is always best to ask a vet for advice, since they have a lot of experience dealing with this breed.

It is also good to remember that older Havanese dog breed can get very aggressive if it feels that something is amiss. If you want to keep this breed calm, you must teach it how to behave properly. You can also be proactive about it by correcting its bad habits that can harm it.

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