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MEET COCO, THE TEACUP HAVANESE • Teacup puppy (Part 1/3)

THE PUPPY IS NOT MINE! One of my colleagues was taking care of her, and they brought her in to the office for a day! Reynard and Coco, the teacup havanese were playing super nicely. It was really hard to work next to these two, because I just wanted to take videos of them, haha! … Read more

Havanese Puppy – Harlow the Havanese ( video )

Ensure Havanese Health and Wellness – Learn About Pet CBD Oil at: Created by Branded Image Creator of Personal & Breeder Branding Videos As you can see Harlow is beautiful. More importantly, she has a personality that is contagious — she has many nicknames but Happy Harlow is the most fitting. All of … Read more

Puppy Training 1: Lilly Havanese, Loose-Leash, Recall

Lilly is a 6-month-old Havanese puppy in Sit Up N Listen Dog Training two-week Board and Train Program. She completed her Silver Spoon Puppy Program and is ready for the utilization of a remote training system to augment her learning experience. Equipment includes a six foot leash and Sportdog 425 training system. This video includes: … Read more

First Day With Our Havanese Puppy

We purchased a Havanese puppy, part of the Bichon dog breed family. The little Havanese puppy’s adventurous and social personality quickly showed. This video shows her first day with my family. You can view the pictures in full detail here: The music is by my uncle Keith Bennett. Check out his album on iTunes … Read more

How Do I Potty Train My Havanese Puppy? Free Tips and Strategies For Potty Training A Havanese Puppy Free Mini Course . How Do I Potty Train My Havanese Puppy Free Tips, Methods and Strategies, Potty Training A Havanese If you just got your new Havanese puppy, then you should be making preparations to house train it (potty train). But first, congratulations on getting this small dog breed – isn’t it … Read more