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The Lovable Havanese

See more at The Havanese dog breed is a wonderful companion and dedicated lap dog which has captured the hearts of many. Havanese dogs are also trainable and they are surprisingly energetic as well. In fact, they have excelled in dog sports and canine careers such as circus performers and handicapped assistants.

The Havanese Dog Makes a Wonderful Pet Updated for 2020

If somebody is thinking about obtaining a new dog for their family members, that individual may want to think about the small dog breed called the Havanese dog. The dog’s disposition is especially important in case you have kids. This breed is not only a companion dog but is really a pure watch dog too. … Read more

Havanese 101 Updated for 2017

Here is a top rated youtube video that discusses the Havanese breed, its history and even celebrities that own Havanese dogs. Here is a video of a cockatiel singing to our Havanese [1-click-image-ranker]

Finding Havanese Breeders for Your Havanese Puppy Purchase Updated for 2014

   A Havanese puppy is a joy to behold and a lovable companion. This breed was named after the capital of Cuba and is actually the country’s national dog.  Modern Havana puppies are descendants of the Bichon Tenerife, which is an extinct breed. They are called Blanquito de la Habana and sometimes referred to as … Read more