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Amazing, adorable Rocco Havanese at Barkworld

We had the pleasure of meeting our pet blogger pals Rocco Havanese and mom Diane from (, at this year’s BarkWorld. Through their blog they help raise funds and awareness for animal rescue as well as share stories about the bond between pets and owners and the adventures they have together. Check out this adorable … Read more

Showering, brushing and playing with a Havanese

This is my 7 years old bichon havanese.. I wanted to record how I shower him and brush him.. after that play. I know song has nothing to do with the video but i thought it is a cute song so I choose it:) Follow Maxi on INSTAGRAM: @maxithehavanese Follow Maxi on FACEBOOK: Maxi … Read more


How To Brush Your Havanese l Wittle Havanese Grooming (dematting)

This is how I brush my havanese coat. Some recommendations and tools I use. Thanks for watching! Disclaimer** I am not a professional groomer I just have a lot of experience grooming at home. ***UPDATE – I am using Ebay links (I said Amazon in the video) for the items because we have not yet … Read more