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Havanese tries to play with maltipoo !

Bella the havanese would not leave Ollie alone! Then once Ollie would get up she would spazz! It was very funny to watch! Love your job & you will never work a day in your life! (Except when you have to pick up poo!)

HavaHug Chocolate Havanese Puppies!

Our adorable babies are 5 weeks old! For more cuddly cuteness, visit us at 🙂

Cutest 3 week old Havanese Puppies!

Beautiful 3 week old havanese babies. So sweet and so calm. Absolutely precious! Visit us at for more! 🙂

havanese puppies meet cute little rabbits – Havaneser liebt Kaninchen

sweet havanese puppies and cute little rabbits sharing salad – havanese puppies eating vegetarian – Havaneser liebt Kanienchen

Havanese dogs and funny cat are playing together

“George” is our young playful colourpoint persian kitten and big fan of dogs. This video is about his first holiday with our havanese dogs. He played a lot with “Chenille” and great friendships have been formed between them. Even they eaten from a shared plate. Ez a videó „George”-ról a mi 10 hónapos fóka colourpoint … Read more