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Happy HavaHug Havanese! Puppy Playtime Fun!

It’s always a great time for a Puppy Pawty in the HavaHug Playroom!!! * The colored ribbons are worn only to help our families identify their sweet baby in the video. 🙂 Toro – Yellow Ribbon Hazel Jane – Red Ribbon Star – Turquoise Ribbon Joy – Purple Ribbon Hope – Pink Ribbon Bell – … Read more

Havanese Puppies

Check out these precious Havanese puppies at Music:

How To Potty Train An 8 Week Old Puppy | Wittle Havanese

This shows how I potty train an 8 week old puppy the moment they come home. It is an easy method that only requires repetition and a potty command. Let me know if you have any questions. #wittlehavanese #pottytraining #puppytraining

Havanese Dalia & Dog Dance (Happy Feet)

Canine Freestyle routine van Havanezer Massivus Angel’s Dalia Hanna “Dalia” (3 jaar en 5 maanden) en Kristine Goossens op het thema lied van de film HAPPY FEET (Gia Farrell – Hit me up) tijdens de wedstrijd op 23/04/2011 te Balen HS ‘t Kruierke (België). De routine is een combinatie van Dog Dance en Ierse dans … Read more

Havanese Puppies

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Showering, brushing and playing with a Havanese

This is my 7 years old bichon havanese.. I wanted to record how I shower him and brush him.. after that play. I know song has nothing to do with the video but i thought it is a cute song so I choose it:) Follow Maxi on INSTAGRAM: @maxithehavanese Follow Maxi on FACEBOOK: Maxi … Read more

Havanese Puppies

To adopt one of these sweet Havanese puppies go to Music:

HavaHug Havanese Playtime

Our beautiful, huggable, and lovable Havahug Havanese Puppies. We love our fun, fluffy and adorable muppets so much!! Our dogs make everyday better! visit us at for more 🙂

Havanese Dalia & Dog Dance Dog Dancing routine van Kristine Goossens met Havanezer Massivus Angel’s Dalia Hanna “Dalia” (2 jaar en 6 maanden) op het nummer “Requiem For A Dream” van Clint Mansell (thema lied van The Lord Of The Rings The Two Towers) tijdens de wedstrijd op 09/05/2010 te Waver (België). Novice klas 1e PLAATS !!! Routine d’obé … Read more

Black Labrador & Havanese Puppies Montage!

Jax (Black Lab) & Petal (Havanese) clips of them enjoying their lives! Happy Puppies! We love them so much! An odd couple but friends forever! :] Please Like and Subscribe!!! Thank you!