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Lucky morning routine ( bichon havanese boy) dog video

Henlo, my name is Lucky I am a havanese boy and this is my morning routine. Hope you like it I’m new at this! Subscribe for more videos with me! You can find me on insta awoo:

Havanese Dalia & Dog Dance (Happy Feet)

Canine Freestyle routine van Havanezer Massivus Angel’s Dalia Hanna “Dalia” (3 jaar en 5 maanden) en Kristine Goossens op het thema lied van de film HAPPY FEET (Gia Farrell – Hit me up) tijdens de wedstrijd op 23/04/2011 te Balen HS ‘t Kruierke (België). De routine is een combinatie van Dog Dance en Ierse dans … Read more

First Day With Our Havanese Puppy

We purchased a Havanese puppy, part of the Bichon dog breed family. The little Havanese puppy’s adventurous and social personality quickly showed. This video shows her first day with my family. You can view the pictures in full detail here: The music is by my uncle Keith Bennett. Check out his album on iTunes … Read more

HavaHug Havanese Puppies

It’s in these tender moments in the puppy playroom, that our little ones seem to learn the most. It’s an important part of their development and I love being a part of that.

HavaHug Havanese Puppies

Our little sweeties are growing in curiosity, learning to trust, explore, and interact with the world, and the people, around them. Each day is another exercise in building their sense of confidence and security. It’s so much more than just playtime in our puppy playroom. 🙂


Testing OIS of Nokia Lumia 1520 with Bichon Havanese male Urpo

The snow finally fell down for the first time this winter here in west coast of Finland and so it was a perfect day to test the new Nokia Lumia 1520’s video recording capabilities with our daughter’s dog. OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) worked very well though the speed of the dog seemed to be every … Read more