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5 Week Old Chocolate Havanese Puppies!

Our precious chocolate havanese pups are now 5 weeks old! They are becoming more curious, learning to play, and starting to get their footing on the slippery floors that momma so wisely selected for the nursery. We’re beginning to see the fluff, frolic and bounce that we adore in this breed! It won’t be long … Read more

Chocolate Havanese Puppies! 6 Weeks Old! :)

Our Adorable Chocolate Havanese Puppies…. So sweet, fluffy & fun at 6 weeks old! 🙂 Visit us at for more. 🙂

MEET BERNIE! 2 Week Old Havanese Puppy

Isn’t Bernie adorable?! Thanks for all the support- we are SO excited to be dog parents. Thank you so much for watching our vlog channel! Click here this link to subscribe! Keep up with us on the go! ✦Kendall✦ S N A P C H A T: KendallRaeSnap V L O G C H … Read more

5 week old havanese litter box potty trained

Kit Kat’s pups are 5 weeks old and no longer potty in their bed or play area! They are now fully litter box trained! By giving very young pups, starting at just 3 weeks of age, their own designated potty area, thoughtful breeders can enhance the pup’s natural aversion to pottying in their den. Pups … Read more

Beautiful Puppy Birth! Chocolate Havanese Puppies

Beautiful birth of our sweet chocolate havanese puppies. This is my first attempt at splicing a video created with my phone. It was such a beautiful birth and my first thought was obviously for the health and safety of my girl and her pups… video quality was secondary. I do apologize for the annoying vertical … Read more