7 Exceptional Dog Items to Spoil Your Havanese
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Who doesn’t want to spoil their Havanese. If you have a Havi, you know that they are loyal, loving companions. Many people want to show their appreciation for the joy that their canine friends bring by spoiling them with special items. This post will provide an overview of seven exceptional items that are sure to make any Havi feel extra special.

Custom Made Dog Collar

The first item on the list is a custom-made collar. A stylish collar can be tailored to fit your pup perfectly and give it an extra touch of personality. Another great item is an interactive toy that encourages mental stimulation and physical activity. Choose something like a treat-dispensing toy that rewards your dog with treats as it solves puzzles or plays games.

Finally, a new bed can provide comfort for your pup during naps and downtime. Select one with orthopedic foam or memory foam for superior cushioning and support. All of these items are sure to put a smile on the face of any Havi owner! Read on to learn more about these seven outstanding dog items that will leave your furry companion feeling spoiled and pampered.

Luxury Dog Beds

When selecting a luxury dog bed for a Havanese, it is important to consider the breed’s unique needs. Havanese are small dogs with long coats that require regular grooming, and therefore benefit from beds that provide comfort and easy access to their bodies. Many beds on the market are specifically designed for small breeds like the Havanese, with features such as raised edges or bolsters that provide extra support and warmth. Additionally, these beds are often made of materials that are both durable and easy to clean, ensuring they will last long-term despite everyday wear-and-tear.

In addition to providing comfort, an ideal dog bed should also be aesthetically pleasing. Dog beds come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and designs so owners can find ones that match their home décor. Some popular options include memory foam mattresses designed to conform to your pet’s body shape, orthopedic pillows or bolster beds with built-in headrests for additional support. With a wide range of styles available, dog owners can easily find one that suits their pet’s needs as well as their own aesthetic preferences.

No matter which type of dog bed you choose for your Havanese, it is important to remember that it should offer more than just comfort—it should also provide safety and security for your furry friend. Look for beds equipped with anti-skid bases or non-slip surfaces so your pup won’t slip off when getting up or lying down; these features help reduce the risk of injury caused by slipping or sliding on hard surfaces. Moreover, look for materials that promote air flow and temperature regulation in order to keep your pup cool during summer months and warm during colder weather. With careful consideration of both form and function, you can ensure your beloved canine companion has the perfect spot to relax in comfort and style.


In addition to providing physical stimulation, these items help build relationships between people and their canine companions by creating opportunities for bonding through playtime activities. Furthermore, these products may also aid in keeping Havanese mentally stimulated, alert, agile, and engaged in activities that will satisfy their instinctive desires for exploration and movement within any environment they inhabit daily. Consider any of the following toys.

Toy CategoryDescriptionBenefits
Chew ToysHard rubber toys for satisfying the urge to chew and cleaning teeth during playtime.Provides hours of chewing pleasure and occupies a dog’s time.
Plush ToysFun for dogs that carry things around in their mouths or snuggle with them during naps. Can provide mental stimulation when hiding treats inside the toy.Provides mental stimulation and comfort for dogs.
Interactive ToysPuzzles, agility equipment, and treat-dispensing balls that stimulate physical and mental activity. Can be used alone or with a human partner.Provides mental and physical stimulation, helps prevent boredom and can strengthen the bond between dog and owner.
Balls & FrisbeesClassic outdoor toys that keep dogs active and engaged while chasing them. Can be used indoors in confined spaces as well.Provides exercise, promotes playfulness and improves coordination.

Bully Sticks

Bully sticks, also known as pizzle sticks, are an excellent way to spoil your Havanese. They are a chewable treat made from beef muscles, dried and salted for preservation. Bully sticks provide several benefits to Havanese including dental hygiene, mental stimulation and essential nutrients.

Dental HygieneHelps reduce plaque and tartar buildup
Mental StimulationProvides physical and mental exercise to keep your Havanese engaged and entertained
Essential NutrientsHigh in protein, low in fat with some vitamins and minerals added for extra nutrition

It is important to note that these treats should be given in moderation. Monitor your pup’s chewing habits to ensure they do not ingest large pieces which can lead to digestive issues or blockages. Be sure to purchase bully sticks of high quality from reputable brands. Quality products will have clear ingredient lists, no preservatives or additives, and be made from all-natural ingredients.

In conclusion, bully sticks are a great way to treat your Havanese while providing them with multiple benefits. Monitor consumption of these treats carefully and opt for higher quality products for the best results.

Food And Treats

In addition to bully sticks, there are a variety of other items that can be used to spoil your Havi. Food and treats are important for maintaining good health as well as rewarding your pup for good behavior. There is an array of options available on the market today that range from healthy snacks to gourmet meals.

Treat TypeDescription
Soft and Chewy TreatsThese treats are typically made with ingredients such as meat, poultry, or fish and are easy to chew and digest. They can be used as rewards during training or as a quick snack between meals.
Dental TreatsDental treats can help clean a dog’s teeth and freshen their breath while also providing a tasty treat. Many are designed to be long-lasting and can keep a small dog occupied for a while.
Jerky TreatsJerky treats are made from real meat, often with minimal additional ingredients, and are a high-protein, low-carbohydrate snack option. They can be used as rewards during training or as a satisfying snack.
Frozen TreatsFrozen treats such as frozen yogurt or fruit-based ice pops can be a refreshing and healthy option during hot weather. They can also provide relief for teething puppies or help soothe sore gums.

When selecting food for your pup, it is important to choose one that meets their specific nutritional needs. Some products offer specialty blends with added nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids or glucosamine which can improve joint health. In addition to looking for the proper ingredients, it is also essential to select a product that contains a balanced amount of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

Treats are a great way to reward your pup and encourage positive behaviors. Today there are numerous options available for owners looking for healthy snacks or training rewards. Natural treats such as freeze-dried meat and fish can provide beneficial vitamins and minerals while low-calorie varieties like vegetable chips can help maintain weight management goals. Additionally, many products on the market offer functional benefits such as dental hygiene, coat care, or calming support with added ingredients like probiotics or herbs. With the wide selection available, it is easy to find something perfect for every Havi!

You can also try giving your dog a frozen treat on a hot day. Consider stuffing a Kong or other hollow toy with peanut butter and placing it in the freezer for a few hours before giving it to your Havi.

Clothes And Accessories

When it comes to clothing and accessories for your Havanese, there are numerous products available to spoil them. Many of these items serve a practical purpose while providing a stylish look. Collars and leashes are the most obvious choices, but there are also sweaters, coats, and even shoes that can be used to protect them from the elements. Additionally, there are many cute hats and bandanas available to add an extra bit of flair to their wardrobe.

Type of Dog ClothingDescription
Dog SweaterA warm and cozy sweater for dogs, usually made of knit material, to keep them warm in colder weather.
Dog JacketA heavier and more durable type of clothing designed to protect dogs from wind, rain, and snow. Often made with water-resistant or waterproof materials.
Dog HoodieSimilar to a sweater, but with a hood for added warmth and style.
Dog T-ShirtA lightweight and breathable shirt for dogs, often made with cotton or other soft materials.
Dog DressA dress designed for dogs, often worn on special occasions or as a fashionable statement.
Dog BandanaA triangular or square piece of cloth worn around a dog’s neck for style or to identify them as belonging to a certain group or organization.
Dog BootsProtective footwear for dogs, designed to keep their paws safe and clean in harsh weather conditions or on rough terrain.
Dog RaincoatA type of jacket specifically designed to keep dogs dry during rainy weather.
Dog PajamasA comfortable and cozy outfit designed for dogs to wear while sleeping or lounging at home.
Dog BowtieA small decorative piece that attaches to a dog’s collar and adds a touch of elegance and style.

Grooming products such as shampoo, conditioner, brushes, combs and nail clippers are also essential for keeping your Havanese looking their best. There are even specialty products available on the market now such as shampoos specifically formulated for Havanese hair types or detangling sprays that make grooming easier. Dog beds and mats provide comfort for your pup while also protecting furniture from dirt and fur. In addition to these items, toys can provide entertainment while helping to strengthen the bond between you and your pet.

Overall, there is no shortage of dog items designed to spoil your Havanese. With all of these options available, you can easily find something that suits both you and your pup’s needs and preferences. Whether it be practical or fun items like clothes or toys, spoiling your Havanese with these products will certainly bring joy to both of you!

Outdoor Gear

Outdoor gear is essential for any canine companion and can make sure your pup is safe and comfortable on long walks and hikes. There are a plethora of pet-friendly products available to keep them entertained while they explore the great outdoors.

  • A waterproof, reflective dog coat that keeps your pup warm and dry in any weather.
  • A durable, lightweight leash that won’t tangle or drag in the dirt.
  • An adjustable harness with reflective accents for nighttime visibility.
  • A self-cooling mat for your dog to lie on when he or she is outside

Whether you’re taking your furry friend on a short stroll down the street or a longer adventure through the mountains, these items will help keep your pup safe and happy on all their outdoor adventures.

Health Enhancers

Transitioning from outdoor gear, health enhancers for dogs provide a variety of ways to keep them as healthy and happy as possible. Health enhancers are specialty items designed to help dogs stay fit and active, while also building their immunity. First, vitamins and supplements can help maintain the overall health of a dog by providing the necessary nutrients they need. Many products on the market today come in the form of chewable tablets or treats, which makes it easier for owners to give them to their pets.

Second, there are numerous natural remedies that can be used to treat common ailments such as ear infections, skin irritations, and arthritis. These remedies often include herbs like chamomile or ashwagandha that have long been known for their healing properties. Lastly, many pet owners opt for specialized diets that are tailored to meet each dog’s individual needs. This type of diet is designed to address specific dietary deficiencies such as proper nutrition levels, hydration levels, and digestive health. By following these steps, owners can ensure their beloved pooch stays healthy and happy.

Health EnhancerDescription
Omega-3 Fatty AcidsThese are essential fatty acids that can improve skin and coat health, reduce inflammation, and support brain and eye development in puppies. Sources of omega-3s for dogs include fish oil, krill oil, and flaxseed.
ProbioticsThese are beneficial bacteria that can improve digestion and boost the immune system in dogs. Probiotics can be found in supplements or in some types of dog food.
Joint SupplementsThese supplements contain ingredients like glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM that can improve joint health and reduce joint pain and stiffness in dogs. They are often recommended for older dogs or those with joint issues.
MultivitaminsThese supplements contain a variety of vitamins and minerals that can support overall health and wellbeing in dogs. They can be especially helpful for dogs with dietary restrictions or those on a homemade or raw food diet.
CBD OilThis natural supplement derived from the hemp plant can help reduce anxiety, inflammation, and pain in dogs. However, it’s important to consult with a veterinarian before giving CBD to your dog, as the proper dosage and potential side effects can vary depending on the individual dog.
Coconut OilThis natural oil can improve skin and coat health, promote healthy digestion, and boost the immune system in dogs. It can be given orally or applied topically.
Digestive EnzymesThese supplements can improve digestion and nutrient absorption in dogs by helping to break down food more efficiently. They are especially helpful for dogs with digestive issues or those on a homemade or raw food diet.

Interactive Toys

Interactive toys offer a great way to keep dogs entertained while promoting healthy play. Many interactive toys involve the use of food or treats, making them enjoyable but also providing a reward for engaging with the toy. For example, treat-dispensing puzzles are designed to provide mental stimulation and can be filled with kibble or treats that must be released by manipulating the toy in some way. Such puzzles come in various shapes and sizes and make it easy to hide treats around the house to encourage your dog’s investigative skills.

Another popular type of interactive toy is the tug toy, which allows your dog to engage in a playful tug-of-war game with you. This type of toy helps promote interaction between you and your pup, stimulating socialization skills as well as physical activity. Tug toys are available in many sizes, shapes and materials, including rope and rubber varieties that allow for multiple types of games.

Interactive toys offer an excellent way for owners to get involved in their pet’s playtime while helping them stay mentally stimulated and physically active. Not only do they help keep dogs entertained, but they can also help build strong bonds between owners and their pets while rewarding them with treats or rewards when they interact with the toy.


The right combination of dog items can help to create a healthy and stimulating environment for any havi. From beds, toys, bully sticks, food and treats, clothes and accessories, outdoor gear, health enhancers and interactive toys, there are many items available to spoil one’s havi.

Beds provide a comfortable place for havis to sleep and relax while they also give them a sense of security and safety. Toys keep havis entertained while helping to develop their natural instincts. Bully sticks help keep teeth clean by providing an outlet for chewing behaviour. Food and treats offer a balanced diet that promotes good health in havis. Clothes and accessories provide protection from the elements and add personality to any havi’s wardrobe. Outdoor gear such as leashes, collars and harnesses ensure safe explorations outside the home. Health enhancers such as CBD oil or supplements can be used to improve overall wellbeing. Finally, interactive toys challenge both physical and mental energy levels in a fun way.

Overall, incorporating these different dog items into a havi’s life is essential for keeping them happy and healthy. With so many options available today it is easy to find something special that will be sure to make any havi feel spoiled!

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