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You may be wondering, “How smart are Havanese dogs?” These adorable little dogs are a popular pet in the United States. This breed has been around since the 1500s and is extremely intelligent. They are extremely trainable and can compete in agility competitions. The average Havanese can learn a new command in about twenty to forty repetitions. The success rate is about 50%.

  1. How smart is a Havanese dog
  2. How Smart are Havanese Dogs

Even though Havanese dogs are not the fastest learners, they excel in other fields of dog intelligence.

The Havanese breed has a long history, dating back to the 1500s in Cuba. These small, playful, and intelligent dogs make great family pets. They are highly trainable and can even compete in agility competitions. It is best to have a female when looking for a puppy. Although some breeds are better suited for children, a female Havanese is a better choice.

Havanese dogs are very social animals. They do not do well in kennels and prefer to spend every waking moment in their owner’s lap. This breed of dog is not a good candidate for boarding. They would much prefer to run around the house and spend every waking moment with their human owners. They also require plenty of affection. This makes them ideal for the first-time dog owner.

Cute lying chocolate Havanese dog in a bed under a pink blanket, before a mauve background

Despite being a small breed, Havanese dogs need a moderate amount of exercise each day. They tend to prefer curling up next to their owners on the couch. They are very reactive and can bite unexpectedly. Stanley Coren ranks them as the 79th smartest dog breed out of 138 qualifying dog breeds, but you should not judge your dog’s intelligence by its size alone. Coren used a list of 200 commands to test dogs. He found that some breeds had better success rates than others.

“The Havanese is an extremely social breed who loves attention. They enjoy playing games, being petted, and getting treats. They’re very good at reading body language and understanding what you want. They’ll always try to please you.”Havanese dogs are smart because they are able to adapt to their surrounding.

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How Smart are Havanese Dogs Compared to Humans?

Havaneses are smart dogs who can learn new things easily. Their brains are similar to human kids aged between 2-2.5 years old. They can count up to four or five. When playing, they can trick other dogs and humans into getting benefits..

Havanese can learn around 165 words involving signals. Dogs such as the “super pet dogs” such as border collies which are more intelligent, can learn about 250 words

According to Coren’s research, Havanese dogs are averagely intelligent for obedience and working intelligence. They have a relatively high degree of adaptability. Havanese are best suited for people with children or people who need companionship. You should also provide your Havanese with a variety of toys for mental stimulation.

Some scientists believe that havanese dogs have the ability to think and process information at a higher level than other breeds of dog.

This breed is also remarkably social and affectionate. Though Havanese do not like being alone, they can be trained to behave in such a way that you will never have to worry about their separation anxiety.

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