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Dog Aerobics Havanese Tricks Puppy Exercise

Bella and I tried doing some of our own brand of Dog R Cise — starts with stretches, then easy movement and core strengthening, ends with cool down and a good scratch.

havapuppy on 2012/07/18 04:37:36

Havanese tricks, Cosmo and the purple balloon trick

Havanese, Cosmo loves to play with the balloon!!

havjump on 2012/10/13 03:04:31
 havanese circus training

this is a video of lucy (our puppy havanese) training for the circus

Amy Vo on 2012/09/08 05:42:58

Havanese Tricks

Brady the Havanese performing tricks.

piclke81 on 2010/08/04 16:47:29
 havanese tricks

havanese: check out lucy’s new tricks

Amy Vo on 2012/12/27 11:03:29

Havanese Tricks- Jefe

Some tricks put to music by Jefe the Havanese

pchace on 2012/09/24 18:08:26

Charlie Havanese – Tricks Part 1

Charlie doing tricks for a treat

petervideos123 on 2013/01/08 07:09:46

Martin Havanese Tricks

Martin showing off

rivas6666 on 2011/08/31 02:37:47

Charlie Havanese – Tricks Part 2

Charlie doing tricks for a treat

petervideos123 on 2013/01/08 16:30:42

Havanese Tricks

BLLJH on 2013/01/08 13:36:11