Classical Havanese

This is Jasper, Classical’s Little Braveheart winning Best Canadian Bred In Show on July 1, 2010. Jasper won Best of Breed from the classes earlier in the day over Specials for a 3 point win. Jasper is out of Boomer & Violet and is 10 months old.

classicalhavanese on 2010/10/25 21:07:39

Classical Havanese 4 wk old Melanie

This is Melaniet, a seal & white parti female out of Rosie & Boomer.

classicalhavanese on 2010/07/25 09:14:45

Havanese Show Dogs Should Play Too

We believe in giving our show dawgs a healthy mind and body. Find out why…plus our Shoshi who is in this video – well she is thriving in mind due to the pack. One wouldn’t know these days that she was a insecure dawg. Oh, and Fiona – our latest mom – well she is priceless in this. Hope you enjoy. Visit us at

talemaker on 2012/07/23 13:09:18

Classical Havanese 7 week old puppies

Gloria & Cesar’s pups playing in their puppy pen.

classicalhavanese on 2012/10/17 18:21:27


Whispering Waters Kennel has added a new dog, Jackson, to the ranks.

havaneseshowdog on 2012/01/27 13:41:19

Classical Havanese – Betty & Boomer’s Pups 6 wks

This is Betty and her 6 week old puppies.

classicalhavanese on 2012/07/16 08:24:29

Dog show

Havanese show dogs

LeighaMasonTX on 2012/09/22 15:18:56

Classical Havanese Mraz & Violet’s Pups

Mraz & Violet’s pups at 6 weeks old

classicalhavanese on 2011/06/11 03:25:07

Classical Havanese 4 wk old Rhett

This is Rhett, a black & white irish pied male out of Rosie & Boomer

classicalhavanese on 2011/02/18 14:55:02

Classical Havanese Puppies – Boomer & Violet’s Pups 7 weeks of age

Boomer & Violet’s puppies are out running around in the back yard, trying to stay warm on a very chilly day.

classicalhavanese on 2010/08/17 12:01:50