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A Havanese puppy is a joy to behold and a lovable companion. This breed was named after the capital of Cuba and is actually the country’s national dog.  Modern Havana puppies are descendants of the Bichon Tenerife, which is an extinct breed. They are called Blanquito de la Habana and sometimes referred to as Havana Silk Dogs because of their long, soft coat. Adult Havanese are smart and wonderful, capable of learning new tricks.  However, if you are looking for young pups, it is a good idea to source them from reputable Havanese breeders who can provide you with healthy, happy puppies. When looking for Havanese breeders, consider the following:HAVANESE_1

Finding Havanese Breeders Who Will Have the Perfect Havanese Puppy

One of the best ways to find good Havanese breeders is to ask a Havanese owner. He or she may be able to refer you to someone you can talk to. Be careful, though. Not all dog owners may have obtained their canine companions from reputable breeders, so doing additional background research is still a must.

If there’s a dog show in town, try to get a seat. Many Havanese breeders go to these shows, usually to show off their Havanese puppies or show support for the specific breeds they produce. When you find them in one of these get-togethers, you could inquire regarding the availability of the puppies. You could also check magazines and annuals. Keep in mind, however, that these publications often do not screen their advertisers, so you may not know if you will be buying from a careful breeder or a puppy mill owner.

You could go online to check available Havanese puppies on the Internet. Just be aware that most of the individuals who produce puppies in unhealthy and inhumane conditions use the Web as their advertising medium of choice. Usually you will find that in these websites, dogs are treated as merchandise, something to sell and sell quickly. These people hardly have the time or compulsion to educate you regarding the breed. The same may be true of bad dog brokers as well.

As much as possible, avoid buying a Havanese puppy from a pet shop. They will certainly look cute gazing up at you through the shop window but there is a good chance these puppies were supplied by puppy mills. Pet shops are often not privy to the dogs’ health history and conditions where they were bred and raised. It is much better to look for  private Havanese breeders who do a hands-on approach.

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Personal Visit

The key advantage of finding local Havanese breeders is that you can drop by and check the puppies yourself. Consider the surroundings where the mother dog and her puppies are kept. It should be clean, with sufficient shelter against the elements, enough food and fresh water and room to move, run and play. The mother dog should also be leash-free. Check the puppies if they are healthy, alert, responsive and playful.

Getting References

Good Havanese breeders should be more than happy to offer references because they know how satisfied the new dog owners are. Ask for these references and call them to inquire. If the breeder is reluctant, he or she may be hiding something.

How to Find Havanese Breeders with Experience in Raising Havanese Puppies

When interviewing Havanese breeders, it is always a good idea to ask how long the business has been active. Good breeders are trusted and likely to stay in business for a long time. Reputation is built on good and reliable performance over the years, so a good breeder is likely to enjoy a long-term relationship with Havanese owners and admirers.

“Technical” Support

 Your relationship with a good Havanese breeder does not stop after the Havanese puppies are sold. Good breeders offer support and are often willing to educate new dog owners to help them take care of their new puppy better. A good breeder is as committed as you are in providing your new pet a good life.

You May Have to Go on a Waiting List to Get Your Havanese Puppy

 Reputable breeders are careful about spacing the gestation periods of their female dogs. This is to ensure that the dogs and their puppies are healthy and safe. Dogs that breed frequently have a higher risk of developing health problems. Often, the quality of the puppies they produce decline rapidly, so it is not surprising that later litters also exhibit health and developmental issues.

Since dogs from reputable Havanese breeders are likely to produce few litters, it is possible that you may be placed on a wait list. The waiting period will vary depending on factors such as the availability of the puppies, the number of people on the wait list, how far along the mother dog is and the schedule for her next breeding. Although this may seem undesirable for you, keep in mind that if you are willing to wait for your Havanese puppies, you are more likely to be rewarded with a healthy bundle of fur. You will not only be helping the mother dog, you will also be encouraging dog breeders to practice humane breeding. You could even reduce the demand on unscrupulous breeders to produce more puppies. Ultimately, you will be doing our furry friends a great favor simply by being patient enough to wait for the

So good luck in getting the Havanese puppy of your dreams.


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