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Dog ownership offers many joys, one being the deepening bond between a dog and its owner. One way to enhance this connection and simultaneously promote a pet’s well-being is through feeding and enrichment tools. A dog lick mat is a unique product designed to engage a dog’s sense of taste and smell, providing mental stimulation and reducing anxiety through the act of licking. The repetitive nature of licking is inherently soothing for dogs, making these mats an excellent tool for managing stress during events like thunderstorms or fireworks.

Crafted with various textures, dog lick mats encourage saliva production which aids in digestion and oral health. They can be smeared with peanut butter, yogurt, or purees, turning treat time into a leisurely activity rather than a quick gulp. This also helps slow down fast eaters, reducing the risk of bloating and improving digestion.

When selecting a dog lick mat, it’s crucial to consider durability, material safety, and ease of cleaning. The mat should be made of non-toxic materials, sturdy enough to withstand repeated use, and simple to clean, either by hand or in a dishwasher. Textural variety to keep the dog engaged and interested is also an important factor.

We’ve devoted considerable time evaluating various dog lick mats to identify those that not only endure the vigor of eager lickers but also provide the best enrichment experience for our canine companions.

Top Dog Lick Mats

In our search for the best dog lick mats, we prioritized features that enhance your pet’s well-being and keep them engaged. We’ve meticulously evaluated an array of options considering durability, design, and the ability to effectively soothe and distract pets during grooming or stressful situations. Our selections encourage licking, which not only entertains dogs but also promotes saliva production to improve digestive health. Here’s our roundup of the standout dog lick mats that we believe will cater to a variety of canine needs.



We found these mats to be a fantastic tool for both engaging and calming our furry friends during often stressful situations like baths or vet visits.


  • Strong suctions keep the mat securely in place
  • Multiple textures promote slower feeding and entertainment
  • Food-grade silicone is safe and durable


  • Cleaning can be a bit laborious
  • Not able to stick to wooden surfaces
  • May not adhere after multiple uses

Upon first use, we were quite impressed by the 77 suction cups that firmly anchored the lick mat. Whether we adhered it to bathroom tiles during a bath or a glass door to distract our pets, it stayed put without a hitch. The mat’s ability to hold spreadable treats captivated our pets’ attention, making it invaluable for busy pet parents.

The variety of textures on the mat was not only a hit with our pets but also beneficial. Watching our pets strategically lick the peanut butter and purees from the crevices, we appreciated how this slowed down their eating and seemed to aid in digestion. This feature alone set it apart from a typical feeding bowl.

We noticed our pets exhibiting less anxiety and more contentment when engaging with the LUKITO Lick Mat. It’s more than a feeding accessory; it’s a source of comfort and distraction from stress-inducing activities. Our pets’ calmer demeanor during typical anxiety triggers was testament to the mat’s effectiveness.

That said, cleanup demanded more effort than anticipated, especially with sticky treats like peanut butter lodged in the textured grooves. The mats work best on smooth surfaces, as they failed to stick to our hardwood floors. Furthermore, over time, the mat’s ability to adhere seemed to diminish slightly, but this might vary with maintenance and cleaning methods.

In summation, the LUKITO Licking Mat is a boon for any pet owner seeking to enrich their pets’ environment and reduce stress. Despite minor drawbacks, the positives overwhelmingly merit its addition to our pet care toolkit.

Pemocyny Lick Mats

Pemocyny Lick Mats

We’ve found these mats to be a great choice for engaging pets during stressful times and slowing down their eating.


  • Reduces pet anxiety during grooming and bath time
  • Constructed from non-toxic, dishwasher-safe material
  • Strong suction cups ensure stability on flat surfaces


  • Not suitable as a chew toy, supervision required
  • Smaller size might be less ideal for larger dogs
  • Suction may be less effective on certain surfaces

After having tried out the Pemocyny Lick Mats with our pets, we definitely noticed a marked improvement during grooming sessions. Our furry friends were focused on lapping up their favorite treats from the textured surfaces, which seemed to make the time pass more quickly and pleasurably for them. These silicone mats’ flexibility and the durability prove top-notch, and they clean up without hassle in the dishwasher.

What’s more, given their material, these mats are kind to your pet’s dental health. As a pleasant bonus, we’ve found the suction cups on these mats to be impressively sturdy when affixed to a variety of smooth, flat surfaces, making for a slip-free zone.

However, always keeping an eye on our companions is crucial, as these aren’t designed to withstand aggressive chewing. The compact size may not satisfy the appetites of larger breeds that require more substantial portions. And while the suction works wonders on surfaces like tile and glass, we experienced less adhesion on uneven areas like textured tile or hardwood floors.

Overall, these lick mats have made a positive difference in our routine, providing a soothing activity for our pets when their stress levels rise. The mats excel at combining treat time with a slow-feeding strategy, contributing to better digestion and thus, overall wellness.

MateeyLife Lick Mats

MateeyLife Lick Mat

After our hands-on experience, we firmly believe these lick mats are a must-try for pet owners seeking to engage their pets and minimize anxiety during stressful situations.


  • Remarkably calms pets during grooming or stressful events
  • Effectively slows down the feeding process to aid digestion
  • Comes with strong suction cups for secure placement


  • May not stick well to certain surfaces
  • Not suitable as a chew toy for aggressive chewers
  • Requires supervision to prevent potential damage

We’ve found the MateeyLife Lick Mats to be an innovative way to soothe our pets during stress-inducing activities like bathing and nail trimming. The tool has shown to release endorphins in our dogs, which naturally helps them settle down and feel a bit more at ease.

The slow-feeding characteristic of the mat has noticeably slowed down how quickly our pets eat, aiding in their digestion and making them work a bit for their treats. This adds an enrichment aspect to meal times that was missing before.

We’ve been fans of how well the suction cups adhere to the walls of our bathtub, freeing us up to focus on grooming rather than keeping the pet occupied. It’s been a game-changer for those of us with pets that just can’t sit still.

However, we had to ensure the mats were not left with our pets unattended. The attractive design isn’t meant to withstand aggressive chewing, and not all surfaces are ideal for the suction cups to stick properly. We learned it’s essential to supervise our pets to avoid any mat damage.

Easy Clean Lick Mat

Honomastry Lick Mat

We found that incorporating this lick mat into our pets’ routines makes for a calmer, more engaging experience during what could be stressful grooming sessions.


  • Ensures focused and calm behavior during grooming
  • Made with pet-safe materials and dishwasher-friendly
  • Useful for dental health and slow feeding


  • May not be chew-resistant for aggressive chewers
  • Limited groove size may not suit all types of treats
  • Suction strength may vary on different surfaces

We recently tried the Honomastry lick mat while giving our dogs a bath, and the distraction it provided was a game-changer. The process, often riddled with restlessness and splashy mess, was far smoother. Smearing a bit of peanut butter on the mat, we stuck it onto the bathroom wall, and it quickly grabbed our fur babies’ attention. The peace that ensued allowed us to lather and rinse without the usual canine chaos.

The silicone material felt premium and the suction cups held up well on our tiles. It’s a relief knowing it’s made of food-grade silicone without BPA, aligning with our safety priorities for pet products. After bath time, a simple rinse was all it took to clean it off. The convenience didn’t end there – popping it into the dishwasher got it ready for the next use.

One of our dogs is a bit of a chewer, so supervision is necessary to ensure the mat doesn’t become a chew toy. However, the moment you spread their favorite snack on it and affix it securely, the licking mat doubles as a wonderful enrichment tool. It worked wonders for slowing down their eating and cleaned their tongues in the process, which is a nice dental bonus.

In a nutshell, this Honomastry lick mat is a useful multifunctional tool for pet owners who need a helping hand during pet care routines.

MooonGem Lick Pad

MooonGem Dog Lick Pad

For canine companions who need a little diversion during bath time or when feeling anxious, we find the MooonGem Lick Pad to be a clever and helpful tool.


  • Keeps pets occupied during baths or stressful times
  • Made of safe, sturdy, and easy-to-clean food-grade silicone
  • Exceptional suction power on smooth surfaces


  • Some nooks can be tough to clean manually
  • Potential risk if a scraper included in package is accidentally ingested
  • Suction might decline over time or on textured surfaces

After recently trying out the MooonGem Lick Pads for our furry friends, we’ve noticed how much easier grooming sessions have become. The distraction it offers with a dab of peanut butter is incredibly effective, and seeing our pets calming down amidst grooming is quite satisfying.

The quality of the silicone feels premium, which gives us peace of mind, especially during those moments when we’re focusing on our pets’ wellbeing. And for all the care we put into our pets, it’s reassuring to know this mat goes right into the dishwasher after use, simplifying the cleanup process.

Although every product could use some improvement, the frustrations are minimal when it comes to the MooonGem Lick Pad. Some patience is required when cleaning every groove by hand, but a dishwasher alleviates much of this concern. All in all, this lick mat integrates seamlessly into our pet care routine, reinforcing tranquility and reducing mess, making it an indispensable tool for pet owners.

Buying Guide

Material Safety

When selecting a dog lick mat, we prioritize materials. We look for food-grade silicone or rubber, ensuring it’s non-toxic and safe for our dogs to lick.

  • Food-Grade Silicone: Safe, durable, flexible.
  • Natural Rubber: Durable, often more rigid than silicone.

Texture and Complexity

We consider the mat’s surface design to keep our dogs entertained. Mats with varied textures or patterns help to slow down their eating and can aid in their dental health.

  • Simple Patterns: Suitable for beginners or less active dogs.
  • Complex Patterns: Challenge active or intelligent dogs.

Size and Shape

The size should match our dog’s breed and mouth size. Larger breeds need bigger mats to be effectively engaging.

  • Small Dogs: Smaller mats to fit their mouth size.
  • Large Dogs: Larger mats to provide adequate licking space.

Ease of Cleaning

Our goal is to find a lick mat that’s easy to clean. We prefer options that are dishwasher safe or easy to clean by hand.

  • Dishwasher Safe: Ensures thorough cleaning.
  • Hand Wash: Mats without hard-to-reach areas can be easily cleaned.

Suction and Stability

A lick mat with strong suction cups is beneficial. It prevents the mat from sliding and keeps it stable during use.

  • Strong Suction: Prevents the mat from moving.
  • Stable Design: Avoids flipping over.
Material SafetyNon-toxic, food-grade silicone or natural rubber
TextureVaries from simple to complex based on the dog’s need for stimulation
Size & ShapeProportionate to our dog’s size and breed
CleaningDishwasher safe or easy to clean by hand
StabilityEquipped with strong suction cups for minimal movement during use

We keep these features in mind to ensure we select a high-quality and functional dog lick mat for our pets.

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