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Best Dog Toys For Havanese In 2020



Playful havanese puppy dog chasing a pink ball in the grass

If you are a dog lover, chances are, you might have come across or may be well acquainted with the Havanese breed. It’s one of the most charming, friendly and lively breeds of dogs. If you own one, you might have noticed it is not like every other dog so getting your Havanese a toy might be tricky. You will discover the best dog toys to get your Havanese in 2020, but to do that successfully you need to first have some understand of the Havanese breed.

What kind of dog is the Havanese?

The Havanese is one of America’s most popular toy breeds. It is a very friendly and highly trainable breed. But the best thing about it and which is one of the reasons it is popular, besides being very friendly, is that it is a highly intelligent breed with a cheerful and outgoing personality. Their intelligence makes training them a breeze as they are adept learners. When that intelligence is combined with their extroverted nature and the energy they possess, you have a breed that can even make you laugh as it displays some amusing habits and behaviors.

The above-mentioned characteristics do not completely describe the Havanese. You cannot talk about it without mentioning the fact that they are excellent at learning tricks. They are also remarkably social and possess an adaptable disposition which makes them great city dwellers.

While they are very playful, friendly and aren’t as vocal as certain other breeds, make no mistake about it, they are really great guard dogs.

Dog Toy Requirements For A Havanese

Due to their very intelligent and curious natures, getting a toy for the Havanese can be quite challenging (or tricky) for some people as they need toys that can stimulate their minds to prevent from being bored. This simply means that some of the toys that are great for some other breeds just won’t do with the Havanese, although they can make a fun game out of whatever toy they find. Still, when you give toys that are tailored to their social and smart natures, and that are also the appropriate sizes, you will enjoy your Havanese.

So what types of toys do you get for the Havanese?

Firstly, any toy that you buy for the Havanese must be able to engage both its sociable personality and its smart mind. This is critical. While finding a toy it can play with is very easy since it is already playful, if you do not want your dog to become dull, you need to engage its clever brain while not neglecting the fact that it delights in spending so much time with its owner, and invariably wants to play and interact while doing that.

Secondly, the toy you get for your Havanese or Havanese puppy dog should help them get in shape. Like several other dog breeds, they have no need for intense physical exercise. This normally means that something that will keep them stimulated and playing will help them stay in shape and happy. Walking them daily can also accomplish this feat.

Lastly, if it is a puppy, it will require more play than the adult Havanese would. But the toys that engage the adult Havanese should be able to do the trick with the puppies. The difference may just be in the size of the toy. Plus, they will also enjoy chew toys like any other dog.

So before we dive into listing the best dog toys for Havanese in 2020, let us categorize the toys. The toy categories needed to fully engage the Havanese include:

  1. Chew Toys: These are natural toys for dogs to have. They are also one of the most popular toys for dogs which always want to satisfy their desire to chew on something and the Havanese is no different. So you can get it a compressed nylon ring or a hard rubber bone for it to chew on.
  2. Interactive Toys: Toys that help the Havanese socialize, engage and bond with humans (especially their owners) or other dogs are especially crucial. So any toy used for playing tug and fetch will do just fine.
  3. Enrichment Toys: These are toys that engage the smart mind of the Havanese and help to prevent them from becoming bored. Mental stimulation is important for the Havanese and these toys help to accomplish that. Some toys in this category include those that come as puzzles and treat dispensers.

Having looked at all of these, it’s time to consider the best toys for your Havanese. The best toys for your Havanese usually fall into more than one of the categories listed above and meet more than one of the requirements touched on earlier.

The Best Dog Toys For 2020

1.  – ZippyPaws – Zippy Burrow Interactive Squeaky Hide and Seek Plush Dog Toy – Unicorns in Rainbow

In choosing a dog toy, durability is important and the reviews indicate that this toy is very durable. ZippyPaws interactive hide and seek rainbow will provide hours of delightful fun for your pup.  This toy has over 200 ratings on Amazon and most are 90% positive.  Your Havi will love digging the squeaky unicorns out of their rainbow for a challenging game they can play alone or with you! They’ll be begging you to put them back in the Burrow again and again for hours of fun. Interactive toy keeps dogs busy and engaged. The soft fabric won’t hurt your Havi teeth and is perfect for teething pups or playful grown ups.  Perfect for medium sized Havi dogs who enjoy satisfying squeaks after a fun challenge.


2.    Frisco Hide and Seek Plush Flying Saucer Puzzle Dog Toy

The toy doesn’t just occupy the top spot. It is the overall best toy for your Havanese. It is a puzzle toy that is great for your very inquisitive Havanese. Your pup can spend hours on end getting entertainment from pulling out any one or all of the Martians that you stuff the flying saucer with. As it does that, it will find this toy interactive and exciting as each of the Martians is equipped with a squeaker.

This toy has proven to be a great investment for Havanese owners as they find their pups never get tired of playing with it. If your pup gets tired of having its mind stimulated by the hide-and-seek game this toy offers, it can simply rest comfortably on the soft plush exterior.

In the case of any of the Martians being destroyed or lost, you can purchase refills.

3.  Smart Pet Love Tender Tuff Octopus Dog Toy

This toy comes with a squeaker that makes it a great interactive toy for your dog. Your dog will also enjoy snuggling it. You don’t have to worry if it will hold up or tear once your pup begins to play with it or chew on it. The octopus features TearBlok technology that makes it durable and puncture-proof.

You can use it in any of several ways including a game of fetch. Pups love this small toy and move around with it or even sleep with it.

4.  Trixie Mini Mover Interactive Dog Toy, Level 3

This is a puzzle toy that your Havanese will love. It is meant for advance canine gamers with the kind of intelligence that your dog has. It features some compartments in which you hide treats for your dog and some cones your dog has to push, pull or lift to reveal the treats.

This is one way to stimulate your Havanese mentally while also rewarding it with treats. This toy features four levels of play which may be just right for your Havanese (which may be too smart for many of the puzzle toys out there.)



5.    Dog Teeth Cleaning Chew Toy, , Suction Cup Chew Toy for Dogs, Dog Interactive Chewing Biting Puzzle Toys with 3pcs Replaceable Dog Treat, Natural Teething Rubber


This dog Teeth Cleaning Chew toy is soft and bite-resistant.   When your dog licks and bits the toy, it helps to clean the dog’s teeth and remove tartar. Dogs protect their oral health while enjoying good food.  Another unique feature is it has an IQ STIMULATION AND PUZZLE: When you use this dog puzzle toy to play with your pets, your Havi will have fun while  improving his or her IQ,   Comes with a 100% -RISK-FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE:

6.    Gnawsome 4.5” Spiky Squeaker Ball Dog Toy – Extra Large, Cleans Teeth

The design of this squeaker toy makes it one of the best squeaker toys for your dog. Besides the sound of the squeaker exciting your dog and calling it out to play, it features some soft spikes on the ball that are just right for teething pets.

This toy is great for playing fetch making it an interactive toy that will help your dog bond well with you. While the ball is small and great for play, it is durable and cleaning it is quite easy. You only need to make use of water and pet-safe soap.

7.  JW Pet Invincible Chains Triple Dog Toy

This toy can double as a chew toy and an interactive (tug-of-war) toy. It is made of durable and natural rubber that will get your Havanese playing. You can also play fetch with it so if your dog is tired of playing tug-of-war with you or another dog and doesn’t want to chew, it can play fetch.

This makes it a versatile toy too. It contains three rubber rings interlocked and there are different sizes to match the size of your dog. It also comes in different colors and the material it is made of is comfortable for your dog.

  1. Nylabone FlexiChew twin Pack Chicken & Original Flavors Bone Dog Toys, X-Small.

 Your Havanese will find these chew toys exciting which means boredom will have to wait till some other day. It comes infused with real chicken juice which makes it all the more exciting and great for self-amusement.

On those days when you have to be away longer than usual, your pup will not experience that anxiety that the Havanese breed experiences because of attachment to its owner. This toy will keep it maximally engaged and entertained.

Occupying Number 7 and 8 are toys that will also help train your Havanese puppy.

9.   Kong Puppy Activity Ball Dog Toy

This toy is a multifunctional rubber ball. It can serve as a chew toy, interactive toy and a treat dispenser for your puppy. The rubber is soft and includes Denta-Ridges. This is great for teething puppies and helps to clean their teeth.

If you want to use it as a treat dispenser, simply fill the center with whatever you have in store for your dog. As it plays with the ball, rolling and chasing it, it will discover the treats you have put there for it and be, all the more, stimulated.


10.  Nylabone Puppy Chew Teething Pacifier Dog Toy

This toy is specially designed for teething puppies. Its design makes your dog stick to it, chewing on it and learning what to chew in the process instead of chewing on something else. It comes in three different shapes which represent variety that will keep your dog engaged. Of these, two have ridges and raised bumps that help to clean your pup’s teeth and reduce tartar and plaques.

There are several more toys you can get for your dog but the ones we have just gone over represent the best for your Havanese dog which is a playful, energetic, sociable and very intelligent breed. As a result of its intelligence and inquisitive nature, not just any kind of toy will do, although it can make the most of any toy you give to it. Yet the best toys are the ones that engage the dog wholly – mentally, socially and every other way possible.

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    Havanese Training: Basic Tips











    Havanese Training — Basics

    Havanese training is really not that hard.  Whеn puppies аrе рlасеd in thеir permanent homes, havanese training ѕhоuld start аѕ ѕооn аѕ possible. Introduction tо family members раrtiсulаrlу tо оthеr pets if thеrе iѕ аnу ѕhоuld bе dоnе properly tо prevent dominance issues аnd оthеr behavior related problems. Housebreaking ѕhоuld аlѕо begin аѕ ѕооn аѕ possible. Puppies hаvе limited control оf thеir bladder аnd bowel thuѕ close supervision iѕ nесеѕѕаrу tо prevent accident in thе house. Thеу muѕt bе tаkеn оut tо potty аftеr waking uр in thе morning, аftеr eating оr drinking, аftеr exercise оr play, whеn happy оr nervous аnd bеfоrе gоing tо bed. Thiѕ ѕhоuld bе dоnе until thеу аrе аblе tо control thеir bladder/bowel аnd develop proper potty habit.

    Thеrе аrе vаriоuѕ objectives оf dog training. A dog саn bе trained tо obey commands, perform tricks, compete in agility, assist physically handicapped, rescue victims оf disaster оr hunt, track аnd herd animals. But in thе case оf havanese, thеу аrе nоt expected nеithеr hаvе tо learn аll thоѕе things. Althоugh it’ѕ nоt totally impossible, уоu саnnоt expect a havanese tо rescue trapped travelers in thе snow likе Saint Bernards do. Havanese training uѕuаllу includes housebreaking, obedience training аnd training tricks – bе it simple оr tricks fоr circus acts.

    Frequent reasons bеhind stool eating iѕ deficiency,dietary imbalance, allergy оr food intolerance. Havanese аrе nоt еxасtlу prone tо food allergies, but food intolerance ѕееm tо bе mоrе common. It wоuld tаkе timе debating whаt hарреnѕ tо make thе stool turn оut thаt way: sensitive digestive systems, mannerisms thаt
    result tо plenty оf swallowed food tоо muсh tо digest оr process, a combination оf аll thеѕе issues… thе list соuld gо on. Whаt ѕееmѕ tо bе сlеаr iѕ thаt it iѕ nоt a matter оf lack оf Havanese Training.

    If оutѕidе training iѕ nоt аn option fоr you, Havanese training fоr inside iѕ juѕt аѕ easy. It iѕ bеѕt tо select a nice plastic puppy litter box аnd line it with puppy absorbent pads. Thеѕе pads make fоr easy cleanups аnd absorb vеrу well. Now, еvеrу timе уоu ѕее оr sense thаt уоur puppy hаѕ tо gо potty, рlасе thеm intо thiѕ box. Aftеr ѕоmе repetition, уоur Havanese will pick uр оn thе training аnd gо thеrе fоr potty time. Soon, уоu will ѕее thаt Havanese potty training wаѕn’t аѕ hаrd аѕ уоu thought аt first.

    Potty Training

    Thе nеxt timе уоur Havanese gоеѕ оut tо eliminate, bring thе Hаv puppy оut оn a leash. Aftеr eliminating, call thе puppy promptly аnd dо nоt givе it thе chance tо sniff thе droppings. Naturally, it helps a lot tо kеер thе yard аѕ clean аѕ роѕѕiblе ѕо stool eating dоеѕ nоt develop thеrе аt home. Itѕ роѕѕiblе tо gеt lazy nоw аnd then. But еvеn withоut Havanese Training knowledge, itѕ easy tо knоw thаt thе longer stool eating sticks around, thе longer it will tаkе timе tо break!


    A person mау bring home a nеw dog fоr vаriоuѕ reasons. It соuld bе thаt hе iѕ living аlоnе аnd wаntѕ tо hаvе a loyal аnd loving companion. Or hе aims tо hаvе a dog thаt саn dо works ѕuсh аѕ herding, hunting оr assisting handicaps. But rеgаrdlеѕѕ оf thе purpose оf gеtting a four-legged family member, mау wе аll remember thаt thе rule оf thumb iѕ tо raise аn obedient dog еvеrуbоdу loves tо bе around. Thiѕ calls fоr dog training, specifically havanese training fоr havanese, in order tо arrive tо thiѕ satisfying conclusion.


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    Some Observations About the Havanese Breed



    havanese photo 1The Havanese temperament is often one of playful devotion. They are intelligent and curious animals that love to be the center of attention. You will find small children are one of their favorite family members. You will also find that they don’t like to be left alone for long periods of time. This means you usually have to take them with you on vacation or place them with a well known friend. They do get along with other animals, especially dogs. The Havanese can also be a great watchdog as they tend to let you know when someone is approaching. Luckily they will not approach a stranger without your consent. You will also find they are neither timid nor aggressive. If you see this behavior in your Havanese there is something wrong and you should take them to the vet.

    Training is one of the most fun experiences you can have with your dog. They love to learn and be obedient for their masters. You can entertain them with water sports, tricks, and other training. Mentioned above was the ability to use them for therapy dogs. They are very sweet and loving, which can help individuals with problems. Keep in mind when training you should always use a firm hand, with consistency, but also gentleness and affection. They are full of energy, which means they require walks and play time. You will find at most an hour is good and as long as they have stimulation they will not become bored. It is important to play with them when it is playtime.

    Are you looking for a smaller dog you can have in an apartment or condo? Maybe you just want a dog that is going to be affectionate and is considered in the breed group of toy? If this is the case you will want to research the Havanese dog breed. They are very happy and affectionate dogs. You will find they make a wonderful addition to an incomplete family and even offer a little therapy. Some dogs that offer a great deal of affection can help individuals with issues feel more relaxed. The Havanese can be one of these dogs.

    You will find the Havanese dog breed to be very small they weigh at most thirteen pounds and can reach eleven inches. You will also find them very furry. They can be cream, gold, silver, champagne, tan, blue, black or multi- colored with long, straight hair. This dog breed has a double coat that helps keep the shedding to a minimum. You will also find the long coat offers quite a look as it parts in odd places if you forgo grooming. The coat if not groomed can reach up to eight inches in length as an adult. The face is also very small with a short snout. Grooming is very important with this breed. You will need to trim the hair around the eyes to make it easier to see and keep the hair short enough so they can walk with ease. It is recommended that you brush this dog at least twice a week if not every day during high shedding. As mentioned you can clip their coat to make care and walking easier. You will also need to pay close attention to the ears and eyes because they tend to have genetic diseases. Eye and ear infections are very common, which is why trimming the hair around the eyes on a regular basis is important. Bathing is not usually necessary and should only be attempted once a year. You will need to take special care of their teeth as they are also susceptible to tooth decay and loss.

    Article Source: ABC Article Directory

    Gerry Ronson runs the websites Dog Bowls and Dog


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