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Dog cameras have become an essential tool for pet owners who want to keep an eye on their canine friends while they are away. These devices not only provide peace of mind by allowing you to check in on your pet’s well-being, but they can also help prevent and manage unwanted behaviors by providing interaction and stimulation. With a wide range of features and styles available, selecting the best dog camera for your unique needs is key to fostering a happy and healthy bond.

These helpful gadgets come in various designs, but their main objective remains the same – providing a window into the lives of our canine companions when we can’t be physically present. Some dog cameras incorporate two-way audio communication, allowing you to give your pet verbal commands or words of comfort. Others include treat dispensers, laser pointers, and ambient noise for additional interaction and engagement opportunities to keep your dog entertained.

When deciding on the best dog camera, it’s crucial to consider the specific features and functions that will cater to your pet’s needs and your personal preferences. Factors such as video quality, night vision, ease of use, mobile app functionality, and durability play essential roles in guaranteeing a seamless experience. Additionally, it’s worth evaluating the camera’s connectivity options, with some devices relying on home Wi-Fi networks to function correctly, while others may require a more stable wired connection.

After extensive research and thorough testing, we have identified a selection of top-performing dog cameras that will help you feel connected to your pet and ensure their well-being throughout the day. In the subsequent sections, we will delve into the detailed reviews, providing insight into each camera’s strengths, shortcomings, and overall effectiveness in enhancing your bond with your four-legged family member.

Best Dog Cameras

We have compiled a list of the best dog cameras available on the market to help you monitor and interact with your beloved pets even when you’re away from home. Scroll down for reviews of each of the cameras listed in the below table.

Camera NameKasa Indoor Pan/Tilt Smart Security CameraVIMTAG 2.5K HD Pet CameraFurbo 360° Dog Camera Premium Safety PackagePetcube Cam Indoor Wi-Fi Pet and Security CameraFurbo 360° Dog CameraBlurams Pet Camera
Video Resolution1080p2.5K HD1080p1080p1080p1080p
Pan/Tilt FunctionalityYesYesNoNoYesYes
Field of View118°110°160°110°160°145°
Two-Way AudioYesYesYesYesYesYes
Night VisionYesYesYesYesYesYes
Motion DetectionYesYesYesYesYesYes
Pet Treat DispensingNoNoYesNoYesNo
Pet DetectionNoNoYesYesYesYes
Cloud StorageYesYesYesYesYesYes
Local StorageYes (MicroSD)Yes (MicroSD)Yes (MicroSD)Yes (MicroSD)Yes (MicroSD)Yes (MicroSD)
Mobile App CompatibilityiOS, AndroidiOS, AndroidiOS, AndroidiOS, AndroidiOS, AndroidiOS, Android
Price Range$-$$-$$$$-$$$$-$

Please note that the price range is represented by dollar signs. “-” indicates that the feature is not available, while “$-$” indicates that the information is not provided.

Kasa Indoor Pan/Tilt Smart Security Camera (EC70)

Kasa Indoor Pan/Tilt Smart Security Camera

The Kasa Indoor Pan/Tilt Smart Security Camera is an excellent choice to monitor your pets with its high-quality video, user-friendly features, and compatibility with smart home devices.


  • High quality 1080p Full HD video with pan/tilt functionality
  • Real-time motion and sound detection
  • Compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant


  • MicroSD card not included (supports up to 64 GB)
  • Requires a separate subscription for advanced cloud storage features
  • Two-way audio quality could be improved

We recently tried out the Kasa Indoor Pan/Tilt Smart Security Camera (EC70) and found it to be a great, top-performing pet monitoring camera. The 1080p Full HD video quality, coupled with pan/tilt functionality, provided a complete view of our living space, ensuring we could monitor our pets effectively. The real-time motion and sound detection alerts kept us informed of what was happening at home, even when we were away.

Installation was simple, and integrating it with our existing Alexa and Google Assistant devices was a breeze. We could easily adjust the camera’s viewpoint and view live stream video on our smartphones. The night vision feature allowed us to keep an eye on our pets, even in low light conditions up to 30 feet.

Although the camera itself is packed with impressive features, there are a few minor drawbacks. The Kasa Indoor Pan/Tilt Smart Security Camera does not come with a MicroSD card, meaning you’ll need to purchase one separately if you want to store recorded footage locally. Additionally, Kasa offers premium cloud storage options, but it requires a separate subscription if you want to access advanced features and extended video history.

The two-way audio is a helpful feature, allowing us to communicate with our pets (or roommates) from anywhere. However, the audio quality could be improved to make conversations feel more natural.

Overall, the Kasa Indoor Pan/Tilt Smart Security Camera (EC70) is a solid choice for pet monitoring. Its high-quality video, real-time motion and sound detection, and compatibility with popular smart home devices make it easy to keep an eye on our Havi friends when we’re not home.


  • Live stream video in sharp and clear 1080p Full HD quality
  • Pan and tilt function allows you to rotate and set camera’s point of view in real-time
  • Compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for easy control
  • Connects to Wi-Fi for seamless connectivity
  • Powered by corded electric
  • Two-way audio feature allows for communication with roommates, family, or pets
  • Video compression using H.264 and a frame rate of 15fps
  • Operating temperature range from 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
  • Real-time motion and sound detection with alerts sent to your smartphone
  • Night vision with a range of 30ft
  • Ability to store footage on a local MicroSD card up to 64GB
  • Option to subscribe to Kasa Care Plan for advanced features and up to 30 days of video history
  • Smart Actions feature allows interactions between camera and other Kasa devices
  • Voice control compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Operating humidity range of 10% to 90% RH non-condensing.

VIMTAG 2.5K HD Pet Camera

VIMTAG Pet Camera

An ideal pet camera for keeping an eye on your canine companion with excellent features and performance.


  • High 2.5K HD resolution and 355° pan/tilt
  • Smart human/motion/sound detection alarm
  • Two-way audio and Alexa compatibility


  • Requires 2.4G WiFi for connectivity
  • Limited advanced settings in instructions
  • SD card and cloud storage options could be more flexible

The VIMTAG Pet Camera is hands down one of the best dog cameras we’ve used lately. Offering a crystal clear 2.5K HD video with an impressive 355° horizontal and 100° vertical rotation range, it covers every corner of your home with ease. We were thrilled with the live video quality while monitoring our pets throughout the day.

One standout feature is the smart human, motion, and sound detection alarms. These allowed us to receive notifications on our phone whenever some activity was detected, be it our pets moving or barking. This feature allowed us to keep an eye on what was happening at home even when we were not around.

Another significant advantage is the two-way audio support and Alexa compatibility. This enabled us to keep in touch with our pets while we were out and quickly checked up on them using voice commands through our Amazon Echo device.

On the downside, the VIMTAG Pet Camera requires a 2.4G WiFi connection, which might be limiting for some users. Additionally, we found the product instructions lacking in detail when it came to advanced settings. However, customer support was responsive and helpful when needed.

Lastly, while the VIMTAG Pet Camera offers both cloud and local SD storage options (up to 512GB), we would have preferred more inclusive storage plans or elevated flexibility.

Overall, the VIMTAG 2.5K HD Pet Camera is a reliable and high-quality pet camera, providing exceptional monitoring and interaction features. We would recommend it to pet owners looking for efficient and versatile pet cameras.


  • Full 2.5K HD resolution for crystal clear live video
  • 355° pan and 100° tilt for complete coverage of your home
  • Smart detection alarms for motion, human, and sound
  • Two-way audio for communication with your pet or baby
  • Works with Alexa for easy access and control
  • 24/7 recording with IR-CUT function and advanced night vision
  • Optional cloud and local SD storage for secure video storage up to 512G.

Furbo 360° Dog Camera Premium Safety Package

Furbo 360° Dog Camera

The Furbo 360° Dog Camera is an excellent choice for keeping an eye on your dog while you’re away, with impressive features like treat tossing and home emergency alerts.


  • 360° rotating wide-angle lens
  • Treat tossing feature
  • Home emergency alerts


  • Subscription required
  • Setup may be slightly complex
  • Limited effectiveness without a subscription

We recently tried out the Furbo 360° Dog Camera, a smart camera specifically designed for keeping an eye on our dogs. The 360° rotating lens and 4X HD zoom allowed us to follow our dog’s every move around the room, giving us peace of mind while we were away.

The treat tossing feature was a game-changer. Our dogs quickly learned to come to the camera when they heard the treat toss sound, making it not only a fun way to engage with them, but also an effective training tool. However, keep in mind that a paid subscription is required to access some features like Cloud Recording and Doggie Diary, and the product has limited functionality without it.

One particularly useful element of the Furbo 360° Dog Camera is the home emergency alerts. The camera can detect events such as breaking glass or potential smoke and CO alarms, keeping both us and our pets informed and safe. The secure connection gave us confidence that our privacy was protected, thanks to bank-level encryption and two-factor authentication.

Overall, the Furbo 360° Dog Camera has proven to be a valuable tool for monitoring our dogs while we’re not at home. If you’re looking for a reliable dog camera with fun and functional features, this could be the one for you, provided you’re willing to commit to a subscription plan.


  • 360° wide-angle lens: Allows for a comprehensive view of your dog’s surroundings.
  • 4X HD Zoom: Enables you to zoom in for a closer look at your dog.
  • Selfie Alerts: Sends notifications when your dog takes a selfie so you can capture their cute moments.
  • Cloud Recording: Allows you to record and save videos of your dog’s activities.
  • Doggie Diary: Keeps track of your dog’s daily activities and displays them in a diary format.
  • Paid subscription required: A monthly subscription is needed to access all the features, with different plans available.
  • Advanced Barking Alerts: Notifies you of any unusual barking, helping you to monitor your dog’s behavior.
  • Home Emergency Alerts: Alerts you of emergencies like carbon monoxide/smoke, glass breaking, and person detection.
  • Treat Tossing: Provides entertainment for your dog by allowing you to toss treats remotely.
  • Training Reward: Use the treat tossing feature as a reward during training sessions.
  • Easy setup: Quick and simple setup process to connect Furbo to your home Wi-Fi.
  • Secure connection: Ensures a secure connection with bank-level encryption and two-factor authentication.

Petcube Cam Indoor Wi-Fi Pet and Security Camera

Petcube Camera

The Petcube Cam is a great choice for pet owners seeking a reliable and affordable pet monitoring solution.


  • Vivid 1080p HD video and enhanced night vision
  • Crystal-clear 2-way audio communication
  • AI-powered real-time motion and sound alerts


  • Occasional connectivity issues
  • False alerts for motion detection
  • Subscription required for extensive video history

After trying the Petcube Cam Indoor Wi-Fi Pet and Security Camera ourselves, we were impressed by its vivid 1080p HD video quality and the enhanced 30-ft night vision. This feature made it easy for us to keep an eye on our pets even during nighttime without any difficulties. The 110° wide-angle view and 8x zoom allowed us to monitor a large area, ensuring that our pets were always in view.

One feature that truly stood out to us was the crystal-clear 2-way audio, enabling us to communicate with our pets and help alleviate their separation anxiety. We found it comforting to be able to hear their barks or meows and respond with reassurance. The audio feedback also proved useful for reinforcing positive behaviors.

The AI-powered real-time alerts for motion and sound recognition offered additional peace of mind. However, we did experience occasional false alerts where the camera would detect a supposed human or pet when there was none. Despite this minor issue, the overall experience with the alerts was satisfactory.

Setting up the Petcube Cam was quick and easy, with the entire process taking just one minute. However, we did encounter some connectivity issues at times, which impacted the streaming quality. Additionally, the Petcube Cam requires a subscription for extensive video history and easy downloads – something to consider for those looking for a more seamless experience.

Overall, the Petcube Cam Indoor Wi-Fi Pet and Security Camera is a reliable and budget-friendly option for pet owners seeking an efficient way to monitor their pets. Despite some minor drawbacks, it provides excellent video quality, 2-way audio communication, and innovative AI alerts to ensure your pets are well-monitored and secure.


  • Full HD 1080p live streaming video with a 160° wide-angle view
  • Clear 30-feet night vision and 8x digital zoom
  • 2-way audio for high-quality communication with your pets
  • Instant push notifications for sound or motion detection
  • Treat dispenser with a 1.5 lbs container for remotely treating your pet
  • Alexa voice control compatibility
  • AI-powered real-time alerts for motion and sound recognition
  • Easy 1-minute set-up process
  • Advanced encryption for data security.

Furbo 360° Dog Camera

Furbo 360° Dog Camera

The Furbo 360° Dog Camera is an excellent choice for pet owners who want to keep an eye on their pups remotely and interact with them.


  • 360° rotating view and full HD video quality
  • Real-time two-way audio and color night vision
  • Fun, adjustable treat tossing feature


  • Requires a stable internet and WiFi connection
  • Subscription required for additional alerts with Furbo Dog Nanny
  • Smartphone notifications may be repetitive for sensitive bark sensors

We recently tested the Furbo 360° Dog Camera and found it to be an impressive addition to our smart home setup. The camera provides a crystal-clear 1080p live view of our pet’s surroundings with a 360-degree rotating view, ensuring we don’t miss any adorable moments or important happenings.

The two-way audio feature is perfect for soothing our dog, especially when we are away from home. It allows us to speak to our pets and hear their responses. The color night vision has also been super helpful in monitoring our pet’s activities even in low light conditions.

We love the treat-tossing feature, which allows us to entertain our dog and reward good behavior from anywhere. We adjust the treat size to suit our pet’s needs, and find it particularly useful for alleviating separation anxiety symptoms such as pacing or barking.

However, we noticed the Furbo 360° Dog Camera demands a strong internet connection and WiFi signal for optimal performance. A subscription to Furbo Dog Nanny is necessary to access additional alert features like dog activity, person detection, and CO/smoke alarm monitoring.

Overall, the Furbo 360° Dog Camera is a fantastic investment for pet owners who want to interact with their pets remotely and monitor their well-being. With great video quality and interactive features, it’s an essential addition to any smart home with pets.


  • Full HD camera with 360° rotating view
  • Real-time 2-way audio and color night vision
  • Fun adjustable treat tossing feature
  • Real-time smart alerts for barking, dog activity, person, and more
  • Easy 3-step setup and security measures including bank-level encryption and 2-step verification.

Blurams Pet Camera

Blurams Pet Camera

The Blurams Pet Camera is a highly recommended choice for those wanting a reliable and feature-packed indoor security camera to monitor their pets or loved ones.


  • High-resolution 2K images and color night vision
  • One-touch call button for instant communication
  • Customizable detection settings to reduce false alerts


  • Only compatible with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
  • Limited range of night vision (up to 33ft)
  • No mention of official local storage capacity for MicroSD card

We recently set up the Blurams Pet Camera in our home and found it to provide clear images with its 3MP sensor, even during the night. The automatic switch to color night vision ensures you can see everything clearly in low-light conditions, with the built-in IR LEDs extending the night vision range up to 10 meters (33ft).

One unique feature we appreciated was the one-touch call button on the camera itself. It made it easy for our family members to quickly reach us when needed, instead of just having the option to call using the app. Additionally, the two-way audio with advanced noise reduction technology made the communication experience seamless and clear.

The Blurams phone app gave us the ability to customize various detection settings, such as sound, motion, human presence, and even pet detection, which significantly reduced false alarms. The real-time push notifications ensured we were always aware of any potential security threats or unusual activity.

Cloud security for the Blurams Pet Camera is also worth mentioning, with adherence to high privacy protection standards. The camera offers a lifetime of 24-hour loop-free cloud recording, but you also have the option to store recordings locally using a MicroSD card. However, the official storage capacity for the MicroSD card isn’t specified.

ou can communicate with your furry friend using the two-way audio feature on the Blurams Pet Camera. This feature allows you to talk to your dog and hear their response in real-time, making it easier to comfort them or give them commands even when you’re not at home.

The two-way audio feature on the Blurams Pet Camera offers several benefits:

  • Clear sound quality: The camera is equipped with high-quality audio technology, ensuring that your voice is transmitted clearly to your dog.
  • Noise cancellation: The camera’s noise cancellation feature filters out background noise, ensuring that you can communicate with your dog even in noisy environments.
  • Remote access: With the two-way audio feature, you can communicate with your dog from anywhere using your smartphone, providing peace of mind and reassurance.


  • 3MP High-Resolution Images: Produces detailed and clear images, allowing you to see colors clearly during the day and night.
  • Color Night Vision: Automatically switches to infrared night vision at night, extending the range up to 10m (33ft) so you can see clearly even in the dark.
  • One-Touch Calling: Press the button to instantly call when your kids or seniors need you, improving the two-way call experience with advanced noise reduction technology.
  • Full Coverage Protection: Provides 360-degree full coverage protection and can be easily controlled through the blurams phone App or web client, allowing you to keep track of your family members or pets.
  • Customizable Options: Allows you to customize sound/motion/human/pet detection settings, including sensitivity, activity zones, and alert times, reducing false alerts and providing real-time push notifications for immediate alerts of potential security threats.

In conclusion, the Blurams Pet Camera is a great choice for anyone in need of a versatile and reliable indoor camera to keep an eye on their beloved pets or family members. Its high-resolution images, unique one-touch call button, and customizable detection settings make it a valuable addition to any home security system.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dog Camera

When choosing a dog camera, you should consider various factors to ensure you find the perfect fit for your pet monitoring needs.

First and foremost, look for a camera that offers two-way audio or video feeds, as this will allow you to communicate with your pet while you’re away.

Additionally, consider the viewing angle of the camera and whether you may need multiple cameras to cover all the areas where your pet spends time.

It’s also important to take into account the specific needs of your pet. For example, if your dog is anxious or prone to separation anxiety, you may want to prioritize cameras with interactive features such as treat dispensers or remote-controlled cameras

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