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About Havanese Puppies and Breeders

Havanese puppies need lots of attention in the first months. Havanese puppies grow up fast as they develop with only a few weeks and so you have to make sure that you are able to feed and exercise your puppies at least twice per day. As soon as the puppies are of age they should start walking and getting along with other people easily. This will help them develop better at making friends.

The price of a Havanese puppy varies between breeders. Some offer their puppies at very cheap prices while other may even ask for more money and some may even sell you an old Havanese.

Dogs that belong to this breed are very well mannered and will always be welcome to all people. They are very friendly and will make a good companion for everyone. They can be put on a leash but this should be done only by experienced dogs.

For those people who are looking for a purebred Havanese then they should go with the breeders of this breed who own hundreds of dogs. They can also offer you advice regarding their breed and you can also ask about some health problems that are common among the Havanese.

Some people who are looking for Havanese puppies also insist on taking along a certified veterinarian when they visit their homes. The breeders of this breed are also preferred over others because they can provide you with tips on how to take care of the puppies.

These breeders will also be able to offer you the best health supplements for your dog which you should take care of. These supplements are very necessary for your Havanese puppies.

However, it is essential to know that two female Havanese puppies in the same household (and sometimes two male havanese) will get into fights.  So if you are going to have two Havanese puppies, ideally you want a male and a female. 

When you get down to it, it is important to look for Havanese breeders who can offer you their puppies at reasonable prices, but not necessarily the lowest prices. 

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